A Word from Our Clients—BARR’s Human-First Approach Helps Organizations Succeed

July 25, 2023 |

At BARR, we know at the core of every cybersecurity breach are human beings. According to the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, stolen credentials, phishing, and exploitation of vulnerabilities are the top attack methods for gaining access to organizational systems. The rate of security breaches  shows it’s critical for organizations to prioritize security and compliance in order to keep the people they work with, and for, safe. That’s why BARR makes people the focus of everything we do. 

In this iteration of A Word from Our Clients, we’re focusing on BARR’s human-centered approach to cybersecurity—one that’s fear-free, forward-thinking, and communicated in a way that every team can understand. In the first and second blogs of this series, we highlighted more client testimonials, demonstrating how many organizations have benefited from partnering with BARR. 

Read what organizations Zingly, Solver, and Transfix are saying about BARR’s human first approach to security and compliance. 

“Five million stars for BARR.” —Zingly 

“Not just five, but five million stars for BARR’s personal, professional, consultative approach to our SOC 2 engagement,” said Zingly, the customer relationship building platform. They added, “The BARR engagement team connected very well with our business and our team. They collaborated with us in a way that not only made our SOC 2 activities enjoyable but also invaluable for our company and our customers.”

Now that Zingly has established a strong foundation of trust through achieving multiple SOC 2 reports, they’re set to reach new goals as they launch their Business Relationship Cloud platform. 

“We plan to stick with BARR.” —Solver 

The corporate cloud performance management software, Solver, said, “We’ve always had a great experience working with the BARR team. We find everyone extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and we enjoy the relationship.” 

Solver added, “One of our largest partners has an audit division, and they’ve asked if they can partner with us on our audit. I’ve told them year after year, we plan to stick with BARR.”

Since partnering with BARR on SOC 2 reports and HIPAA compliance, Solver has experienced an 81% growth rate, opening a new office in Denmark to expand their European footprint. 

“BARR is on our side.” —Transfix 

Transfix, the freight transportation software platform, said, “Our auditors at BARR have been wonderful to work with. It’s always felt like they’re on our side in order to ensure we’re setting up the right controls, testing those controls appropriately, and not dinging us for trivial issues or concerns.”

After successfully achieving multiple SOC 2 reports with BARR, Transfix earned a spot in the top 100 for the 2022 FreightTech Award—an award which honors innovation and disruption within the freight industry.  

Stay tuned for more client testimonials, and learn why organizations choose BARR to help them navigate and respond to issues of security and compliance. 

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