A Word from Our Clients—How BARR’s Perspective Helps Our Clients Mature

July 11, 2023 |

At BARR, we partner with organizations of all industries and sizes; however, many of our clients often come to us with the same goal—they want to mature as an organization who takes security and compliance seriously. No matter what stage the organizations we partner with are in, through our expert perspective, we aim to empower business growth and lead our clients to success. 

In this blog series, A Word from Our Clients, we’re highlighting a handful of testimonials, demonstrating how many organizations have gained a true partner in BARR and why they continue to choose us for their security and compliance needs. 

Ready to learn, first-hand, about BARR’s perspective and how we’ve helped organizations like TALON, Zingly, and C2FO improve their security posture?

Let’s see what our clients have to say. 

“The BARR team was collaborative and pragmatic.” —TALON

TALON, the top compliance solution for the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act, partnered with BARR to achieve SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports alongside HIPAA compliance. 

BARR’s team of experts brought the perspective TALON needed to the table. Not only did TALON successfully achieve their security and compliance goals, but they’ve since reached new milestones. 

“The BARR team was collaborative and pragmatic. This is a key attribute we look for in an audit partner.” 

A representative from TALON added, “Many audit organizations can cite chapter and verse of the regulatory and compliance standards. However, it’s far more valuable for us to partner with an organization who can help us craft appropriate controls in the context of where we are in our organizational maturity curve. As the company grows, the sophistication and maturity of our controls should continually improve as well, and BARR will guide us through that process.”

Since partnering with BARR, TALON has achieved new business milestones, such as being selected by Hi-Tech Health as their Transparency in Coverage partner. 

“BARR was central to us earning customer trust.” —Zingly

The customer relationship building platform, Zingly, partnered with BARR to achieve annual SOC 2 reports. Not only do these reports demonstrate that Zingly is a security-first organization, but BARR’s services have helped Zingly stick to their mission of “building relationships bigger than business.” 

“Trust and confidence are core features of our product. Our mission is to build relationships bigger than business with Zingly’s Relationship Platform, and that starts with earning customer trust on day one. Our SOC 2 reports are central to us earning that trust, and we wouldn’t be here without the BARR team,” said Zingly.

Zingly added, “Major credit to our BARR engagement leads for herding cats effectively, professionally, and with a personable manner that was appreciated.”

Now that Zingly has established a strong foundation of trust, they’re set to reach new goals as they launch their Business Relationship Cloud platform. 

“We continue to choose BARR because we see the value BARR brings.” —C2FO

C2FO has worked with BARR over the years to achieve compliance through SOC 2 reports and an ISO 27001 certification—a noteworthy feat as a working capital solution for leading fortune 100 companies. Not only does C2FO continue to choose BARR as their security and compliance partner, but they’ve reached new milestones because of it. 

“BARR Advisory continues to be a partner we’re proud to work with,” said C2FO. “They have significant resources that help us understand our business, ensure compliance, and propose improvements to strengthen our security framework where possible.” 

“We continue to choose BARR because we enjoy the partnership and see the value BARR brings to our organization.”

In 2022, C2FO surpassed $200 billion in total funding, allowing them to continue to scale and deliver low-cost capital to organizations around the world. 

Stay tuned for more from our series, A Word from Our Clients, and hear why organizations choose BARR to help them navigate and respond to issues of security and compliance. 

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