A Word from Our Clients—BARR Creates True Partnerships through Connections

July 18, 2023 |

Since our founding, BARR has valued creating and maintaining connections. Through the partnerships we’ve created, our consultants not only strive to provide the most up-to-date information to clients, but also aim to work alongside organizations as true partners during their security and compliance journey. 

Welcome to the second iteration of A Word from Our Clients, where we highlight a handful of client testimonials demonstrating how many organizations have benefited from partnering with BARR. In the first blog of this series, clients shared how BARR helped them mature their security posture through our expert perspective. Today we’re talking about connections—from providing helpful industry resources to guidance and flexibility to collaboration with automation partners. 

Let’s take a look at what the organizations ShortPoint, OnRamp, and Pathpoint had to say about their experience with BARR. 

“BARR made us feel very comfortable instead of stressed.” —ShortPoint

“During our audit, BARR provided us with some very helpful resources,” said ShortPoint, a leading intranet software company. ShortPoint’s senior manager for information, security, and compliance also thanked her engagement team for the “amazing audit experience, which made us feel very comfortable instead of being stressed.” 

ShortPoint added, “BARR provided guidance, paid attention to the small details, was constantly available to answer any questions or discuss notes, and remained flexible on timelines and meeting set deadlines.”

ShortPoint Wins

After successfully completing a recurring SOC 2 report with BARR, ShortPoint launched Live Mode UX, an exciting update to their product, featuring a new level of usability for designers of all levels of experience.

“BARR created a sense of partnership.” —OnRamp

OnRamp, a B2B onboarding customer platform, noted that “BARR created a sense of partnership, where everyone was very professional, courteous, and patient, making the entire process very comfortable.”

“BARR fulfilled all the obligations of the engagement,” added OnRamp, also noting the following benefits to our partnership:

  • “The audit process was fair and thorough.” 
  • “Follow-up questions were concise, making it easy for us to satisfy follow-up requests.”
  • “The overhead process was incredibly low for us given BARR’s experience and ability to interface with our compliance automation partner.”

OnRamp Wins

Since working with BARR, OnRamp has experienced incredible growth, leading to “business deals that would otherwise be lost.” 

“BARR’s ability to work with our compliance automation partner was a significant enabler.” —Pathpoint

“Everyone on the BARR team did a great job of focusing on the important pieces and moving our audit process to the next step,” said Pathpoint, adding, “BARR’s ability to work with our compliance automation partner was a significant enabler in our engagement.”

As an organization who aims to make Excess and Surplus (E&S) lines insurance accessible to everyone, Pathpoint was also grateful for their engagement team at BARR, who “had the technical knowledge to work within our domains and acted like true partners during the process.” 

Pathpoint Wins

Pathpoint, a client of BARR’s for several years, has since increased its funding by $12.5 million, helping to continue growing its agent base.

Stay tuned for more from our series, A Word from Our Clients, and hear why organizations choose BARR to help them navigate and respond to issues of security and compliance. 

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