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Cybersecurity Consulting and vCISO Services for Innovative Technology and Cloud Service Providers

Our Proven Approach

Global cybersecurity consulting and virtual CISO (vCISO) services help businesses develop, mature, and manage cybersecurity programs that guard sensitive information, strengthen brand reputation, and differentiate products.

Partnering with BARR gives you access to a team of skilled cybersecurity and compliance professionals that serve as a vCISO, helping you build and maintain a program that is flexible and adaptive to the needs of its stakeholders. Our proven approach includes two phases designed to build and optimize a customized cybersecurity program that caters to your business needs.

What Sets BARR Apart


We don’t believe in bureaucracy. We cut through the red tape to make security and compliance simple, modern, and streamlined for your business.


As an extension of your team, we integrate with your current systems, processes, and technology. We tailor our approach to your unique needs so you can scale your business quickly, securely, and on your terms.


We believe in being proactive, not reactive. We go the extra mile to understand your environment inside and out—with time-saving efficiencies built in at every step of the process—so you can focus on what you do best.

How it Works

Phase 1: Gap Assessment and Remediation

We help you identify gaps and provide a roadmap to successful remediation, turning what were gaps in your security program into competitive advantages.

Phase 2: Ongoing Cybersecurity Consulting

With the continuous support of a virtual CISO (vCISO), you gain a valuable strategic asset. We weave security and compliance into the DNA of your organization, differentiating you among your competition. You will have a sustainable and tailored security and compliance program within months.

Not only do we give you the tools you need for a successful cybersecurity program, we help you execute. Explore our services available to you as part of our Continuous Management phase:

BARR Advisory offers ongoing support as a virtual CISO, providing transparency on your cybersecurity program to your board, executive team, and other stakeholders. We are your strategic asset to weave security and compliance into the DNA of your organization and differentiate among your competition.

Any successful security program will include a set of policies and procedures. We’ll provide consultation resulting in a customized set of policies and procedures that are both understood and followed by all members of your organization.

When your customers send security questionnaires, you want to be ready with responses that will put them at ease knowing their data is safe with you. BARR formulates those responses and offers direct communication with your customers to help resolve any concerns they may have, leaving them feeling confident in choosing your product or service.

BARR offers a comprehensive risk assessment service that is designed to identify, quantify, and manage security risk. A thorough risk assessment can help you identify where you need to shore up your security controls to mitigate internal and external risk factors.

With BARR’s extensive experience in audit services, we’ll help your company achieve Microsoft DPR compliance quickly and seamlessly.

How can you hire third-party vendors and minimize the worry that they may not live up to your own security standards? We help you pinpoint the vendors that present the highest level of risk using a standardized, risk-based approach. Once identified, we offer simple steps to protect you from potential risks associated with using third party services.

Our team of experienced consultants work with your unique business needs to develop or enhance your internal audit function; identifying shortcomings in your internal controls, testing those controls, and providing actionable next steps. We perform audits against frameworks including SOC 2, NIST CSF, ISO 27001, CIS Top 18, and more.

Our consultants will guide your organization through security awareness training so all your associates know their specific responsibilites and can do their job correctly while achieving compliance.

To meet our clients’ needs and provide a seamless, easy engagement experience, BARR partners with the leading penetration testing provider, Psicurity. Through this partnership, we deliver customized security solutions based on each client’s specific needs.

As consultants, we aim to grow with your organization. While continuously maintaining objectivity and independence, we work with you and your internal auditors to offer recommendations on how you can improve overall security posture.

Consulting Subscription Plans

Whether you’re building, actively pursuing, or maintaining a cybersecurity program, our tiered consulting subscription options help you choose the right plan and gain reliable vCISO advisory with continuous cybersecurity leadership. We’ll help you achieve not only your cybersecurity and compliance requirements, but turn them into a competitive advantage. With a subscription, we provide the services without the heartburn of reviewing hours and worrying about budget each month.

With each subscription plan, you’ll gain:

An understanding of existing information technology and your cybersecurity posture and environment.
A documented cybersecurity program that includes written policies.
Ongoing vCISO advisory and leadership.
A trusted partner to help you achieve and manage your cybersecurity requirements so your teams can focus on what they do best.

With each subscription plan, you’ll gain:








*Contact us for custom pricing

Initial security assessment, including a roadmap for remediating gaps        
Bi-weekly security team meetings with management        
Monthly security and risk scorecard executive summary        
Annual reviews of critical vendors, risk assessment, and security awareness training        
Risk-based review of security controls with management of external audits**        
Monthly customer security assessments* 3 5 10 15
Weekly security team meetings with management        
Annual review of all vendors, regardless of criticality        
One internal audit or evidence review per year        
Annual incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery tests        
Oversight of annual external audit process        
Creation and management of a public-facing security package        
Annual application penetration test through one of BARR’s preferred partners        
* Any services that exceed the scope defined in the subscription tier selected are delivered on an hourly basis.

** The risk-based security controls review includes interviews with management over all controls and evidence review of select high-risk controls. If you request a full readiness review and oversight of the external audit process, BARR will assist on an hourly basis.

Why Subscribe with BARR?

Receive a free gap assessment included with every subscription level.

Save time and resources while gaining an ongoing vCISO partnership.

Focus on you and your day-to-day job, and let our team do the heavy lifting.

Rest assured knowing exactly what to expect from our services without dealing with varying costs.

Engage with a plan that best meets your needs, without the hassle of hourly fees.

Scale your business with an evolving threat landscape, turning compliance into a competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of cybersecurity consulting services include cost efficiency, access to high-level expertise, and flexibility. BARR’s cybersecurity consultants provide top-tier security strategies and risk management. Additionally, the flexible nature of our cybersecurity consulting services allows businesses to scale services up or down based on their current needs, ensuring they have the right level of security guidance without overextending their resources.

A vCISO is an outsourced security professional who provides the expertise and functions of a traditional Chief Information Security Officer on a flexible, part-time, or as-needed basis. When you use vCISO services, the vCISO is responsible for developing and implementing your organization’s information security strategy, managing risks, ensuring compliance with regulations, and responding to security incidents.

Startups and small- to medium-sized businesses that may not be ready for a formal, full-time CISO position would greatly benefit from utilizing BARR’s virtual CISO services. Whether it’s a temporary solution until your business grows or it’s a more permanent addition to your current security management team, a vCISO’s expertise can help plan, implement, and sustain a reliable security strategy to keep your business and its customers safe. Even enterprise-level organizations with a well-oiled security team can gain insight from a vCISO’s perspective.

With our subscription model, the timeline for cybersecurity advisory services can vary. We customize our cybersecurity advisory services to fit your business needs.

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Learn how BARR helped Ceros offload security questionnaires and attract more enterprise clients.

Benefits of a Virtual CISO

Significant reduction in cost compared to a full-time CISO
An independent perspective eliminates conflict of interest
Limited turnover means continuity for your business
Industry expertise necessary to make sound security decisions
Services are flexible and scalable on short notice
Readily available resources at your disposal

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