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With thousands of SOC reports issued, BARR not only serves as your auditor—we’re your trusted security partner. Throughout your SOC 3 engagement, our experts will show you how to use security and compliance as a differentiator, leveraging our services to help you achieve your organizational goals. 

The SOC 3 report is designed for users who want assurance on a service organization’s controls, but do not have the need for the detailed, comprehensive SOC 2 report. Essentially a smaller scale SOC 2 report, the SOC 3 is easy-to-read and can be viewed by anyone (general use).

Like SOC 2, a SOC 3 reports on if the service organization achieved one or more of the five AICPA Trust Services Criteria, which include:

  1. Security – The system is protected against unauthorized physical and logical access.
  2. Availability – The system is available for operation and used as agreed upon.
  3. Processing Integrity – System processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized.
  4. Confidentiality – Information designated as confidential is protected as agreed upon.
  5. Privacy – Personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and/or destroyed in accordance with established standards.

Because of the lack of detail in a SOC 3 report, the audit must be a Type 2 report.

Organizations that should consider a SOC 3 report include cloud service providers (e.g., SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), enterprise systems housing third-party data, IT systems management, and data center colocation facilities. If you want to communicate your organization’s controls are properly designed, implemented and operating effectively, but do not want to reveal the details of controls, then the SOC 3 report may be right for you.

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Why BARR for SOC 3 Reporting

BARR’s SOC clients report services lead to a 70% reduction in customer compliance questionnaires
SOC clients spend 75% less time spent on internal resources needed to pass audit
40% of BARR’s reports are delivered early
Proven practical, adaptive approach that simplifies SOC reporting processes
Team members serve on task forces responsible for developing SOC reporting standards
Competitive, fixed rates to accommodate growing enterprises

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We’re here to help you! Speak with a BARR specialist about your security and compliance needs.