The BARR Belong Foundation

Together, we are creating stronger, safer, more secure communities

BARR Belong Foundation Mission

The BARR Belong Foundation exists to support charitable causes that matter deeply to our associates. Through our collective efforts and contributions, we strive to create stronger, safer, and more secure communities where we live and work.

The BARR Belong Foundation Advisory Committee exists to support and carry out the mission and vision of the Foundation. The volunteer advisory committee meets monthly to review grant requests and organize local and national charitable programming efforts.

Community Outreach

BARR Advisory is where passion meets participation. We are dedicated to contributing our time and talent to all of the communities where we live and work. Our impact areas include, but are not limited to: animal welfare, at-risk youth, community beautification, LGBTQ+, skills-based learning, socioeconomic equality and inclusion, fighting poverty, homeless outreach, environmental sustainability, and medical research.

Our Services and Programs

BARR’s Annual Day of Giving

In October, we close our doors for one day and open our hearts to give back through volunteerism. Learn about our latest Annual Day of Giving.

Organizations & Community Partnerships

At BARR, hiring people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences is a moral and business imperative, so we look to community partnerships as a way to create pipelines of untapped diverse talent. BARR is proud to partner with Apprenti, a unique apprenticeship program that actively recruits, trains, and places women, people of color, and veterans in cybersecurity roles—helping BARR tackle our toughest challenges and strengthening the tech ecosystem nationwide. 

In addition, BARR currently offers an internship and InfoSys Scholarship to students at Donnelly College in Kansas City, Kan, and are proud to serve on the advisory board of SkilledKC.

BARR’s Matching Gifts Program

For every dollar our associates give to an eligible nonprofit, BARR gives a dollar as well. We will match up to $500 annually per associate to any 501(c)(3) of their choice. We are proud to share this program starts on day one of every new hire’s career at BARR. In our welcome kits, each new associate receives a $25 giving card for a charity of their choice.

Foundation Grants Program

Every associate can submit one grant request of $250 per year to support a cause of their choosing. Requests are reviewed by the BARR Belong Foundation Advisory Committee. Foundation grants can be shared directly by the associate and the charity for special moments. Foundation grants are distributed through our partner, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Volunteerism Program

The Volunteerism Program encourages associates to give their time and talent in the communities where they live and work. Throughout the year, we encourage associates to share causes that matter to them, along with opportunities to give back, in the #barr-belong Slack channel. BARR also offers associates two days each year to use specifically for volunteer opportunities important to them.

Academic Leadership Program

This program focuses on empowering students in underserved high schools and higher education institutions across the U.S., so they can gain access to education and career readiness opportunities. BARR associates host career preparation sessions with community partners by offering mock interviews, resume writing, being guest speakers, and more. To lead by example, we volunteer to serve as mentors to aspiring professionals and hold community leadership positions.

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