Why an Effective People Operations Strategy is Crucial to Your Growing Business

January 13, 2022 |

Developing a People Operations program can be daunting. From onboarding, talent management, fostering an inclusive culture, and so much more, it’s critical to ensure your strategy is designed for your organization’s success and long-term growth.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to have an effective People Operations strategy:

1. Improve the Quality of Your Talent

“Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of new hires by 70 percent” (Glassdoor). That’s right—a People Operations strategy can help your organization before employees even walk through the door. Think about the hiring process as your business setting the tone for a positive first impression. Unfortunately, if it’s a negative experience, odds are those high-quality candidates will continue to pursue other opportunities.

2. Increase Employee Retention and Productivity

“A positive onboarding experience can increase employee retention by 82 percent and productivity by 70 percent” (Sapling). Establishing an effective onboarding experience will help the employee acclimate to their new role, all while understanding their value to your company. This means they will likely stay longer and achieve more.

3. Enhance Employee Leadership

Studies suggest “63 percent of millennials believe they aren’t being fully developed as leaders by their employers for management positions” (Apollo Technical). An effective People Operations strategy not only proactively fuels your organization’s growth—it’s also proven to be an excellent tool for fostering employee leadership.

4. Positive Investment

Your organization’s brand is worth more than you think. Branding not only affects your customers’ perception—it also affects your prospective talent pool. “A strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 50 percent, and a negative reputation can cost a company as much as 10 percent more per hire” (Glassdoor).

5. Increase Overall Job Performance

Your employees need to feel heard, valued, and confident to be their authentic self.  “Workplace belonging leads to a 56 percent increase in job performance” (VMLYR). Establishing a positive and connected culture will give your team more time to focus on their own goals, deadlines, and professional growth. 

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