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Happy Associates = Better Security

People and security go hand in hand. That’s why it was a natural fit for BARR’s People & Culture Team to share our best practices on how to cultivate a mission-driven company culture rooted in compliance and inclusion. Learn the processes, policies, and programs your growing organization needs to recruit and retain top talent.

How BARR Can Help

Every business, no matter how big or how small, should be able to offer comprehensive HR solutions that adapt with your growing needs. As an extension of your team, BARR HR and talent specialists can help with every stage of the associate experience and provide a suite of services to fill in the gaps of your current People Operations.

HR 101

From crafting custom policies to understanding compliance, BARR can partner with your team to build out the must-have HR materials to support your growing business. Branded templates for every form and agreement + our trusted list of recommended tools will increase efficiency and eliminate errors across your business. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Forms and agreements [including offer letter, non-disclosure, non-compete]
  • Associate handbook [including policies like PTO, social media, remote work, parental leave]
  • Compliance & employment law to ensure your files are secure, accessible, and compliant
  • Vendor review [including payroll, benefits, 401k]


No two company cultures are the same. And yet every organization has a set of attitudes, goals, and values unique to their identity. Let us help create a positive work environment that unifies your employees and propels them toward shared goals. From increased engagement, productivity, and retention to reduced turnover and the ability to recruit top talent, a strong culture can elevate your organization in nearly every way. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Guidance on how to develop value statements (mission, vision, core values) that employees can rally around
  • Standards and expectations for treating your team with respect and dignity
  • Communicating company standards [including dress code, office hours, communication tools]
  • Associate perks, wellness, and mental health benefits
  • Philanthropy & giving programs [including volunteer time off, employer matching]

Talent Acquisition

Top talent is the life blood of your organization. Use our proven processes and recommended tools to automate, expedite, and fool-proof your talent recruitment process—saving you time and money while building your dream team. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Talent acquisition [including recruitment, interviews, and training best practices]
  • Interview process development [including branded templates]
  • Candidate experience and employer brand development
  • Tools review and selection

Onboarding for Success

You have one chance to make a first impression. Research shows that onboarding programs directly impact the longevity and success of a new hire. We’ve developed a new hire experience framework that can be tailored to fit your team’s needs. BARR can help with critical areas including: 

  • Efficient equipment ordering processes
  • Step-by-step guides on how to fully integrate new hires into your culture 
  • New hire checklists, training, and orientation best practices
  • Recommendations for 30, 60, 90-day check-ins and beyond
  • Tools review and selection for an ideal working environment

Talent Management

Gone are the days of micromanagement, constant status updates, and formal performance reviews. Put the right tools in place to empower your associates at every level—leaving all administrative tasks behind. BARR can help with critical areas including: 

  • Competency design, role clarity, and job descriptions
  • Organizational design
  • Succession and career planning
  • Continuous performance management
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Associate engagement
  • Managing performance issues
  • Compensation strategy

Engaged Workforce of Top Talent

Whether your team is remote, in-office, or hybrid, BARR has best practices to ensure your team is engaged, inspired, and productive. Our templates, tools, and processes will scale and grow with your organization. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Team-building activities to nurture a connected, inclusive team
  • Engagement surveys
  • Remote tools review
  • Remote/hybrid best practices 
  • Adding FUN to each work day

Leadership Development

Add strategic value to your organization by helping your people develop key skills and behaviors that will propel them and your organization forward. BARR L&D programs are designed to help people managers grow into well-rounded mentors and future-ready leaders.  We will take your organization’s mission and foundational beliefs and develop programs that instill empowerment and longevity in your leaders. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Future leaders development program 
  • Leadership skills development
  • Organizational change programs
  • Mentor programs

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and a Sense of Belonging

Now more than ever, clients, vendors, partners, and candidates want to know what your organization is doing to promote a sensitive, diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. Our programs have proven to increase engagement, employee satisfaction, and a sense of belonging for organizations. BARR can help with critical areas including:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging best practices and policies
  • Data collection and discovery
  • Diversity and Inclusion recruiting best practices
  • Equitable policy and process review
  • Best practices for celebrating differences
  • Inclusion activities and events [including a company culture and engagement calendar]
  • Recommended Speakers Based on Topic

Virtual Chief People Officer Services

Does your organization need consistent support and guidance on HR and talent issues?

  • BARR offers a monthly, virtual CPO partner service.
  • For one fixed monthly fee, you will receive all the necessary people, compliance, and culture maintenance support you need. 
  • Our virtual CPO will work with your team to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics—implementing the talent strategies and solutions needed to fuel future business growth.
  • Let us help you simplify the path to a thriving, engage and future ready workforce!

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Why BARR for Your People & Culture Programs

  • Consider us an extension of your HR team
  • Services are tailored to your needs + flexible and scalable
  • Recommended tools and branded templates to securely automate your HR processes
  • Programs designed to increase engagement, inclusion, and empowerment among your people
  • Deep expertise and experience serving 20+ industries
  • Fixed monthly fees to accommodate your small business

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Your Dedicated Partners

With our team’s 50+ years combined experience in developing People Programs, we’ve recruited and retained top talent for the world’s leading technology companies. Highly experienced with certified expertise, BARR’s People & Culture team will take their global brand experience and customize it to your company’s needs.

Kari Cohen

Kari Cohen

Practice Director, People & Culture

As Practice Director of BARR’s People and Culture Advisory services, Kari Cohen leads BARR’s people operations service line, providing guidance to small- to medium-sized companies in growing their business and creating a positive remote work culture.

Kari has over 15 years of experience building and managing HR programs across multiple industries. Prior to joining BARR, she was the Director of People Engagement at the Illig Family Enterprise Company. She holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Kansas.

Nick Vetere

Recruiting Manager, People Operations

As Recruiting Manager, Nick Vetere is responsible for recruiting and retaining top tier-talent for BARR. In addition to developing and implementing innovative recruiting strategies, Nick also provides support to various People Operations efforts, including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Nick has extensive experience in recruiting talent for top public accounting firms, having worked as a recruiting manager for both BDO and KPMG prior to joining BARR. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational behavior studies from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in accounting from Wayne State University.

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