Where in the World Did BARR Associates Work This Summer? 

September 26, 2022 |

With summer now behind us, BARR Advisory associates are reminiscing about where they traveled—and worked from—this summer. From jaunts across the country to international excursions, associates took advantage of BARR’s remote work life, embracing new cultures, experiences, and the perk of true work/life balance. 

BARR is a fully remote company, which provides associates the opportunity to work wherever they may be. We believe diverse experiences cultivate innovative ideas, which can be supported through travel. And while scattered throughout the country, and sometimes even the world, associates maintain a tight-knit culture with the opportunity to share travels and experiences with each other. 

Let’s take a look at where in the world our associates were located this summer and what they appreciate about BARR’s 100% remote environment. 

Gustavo Almanza, senior consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Where I traveled: Copenhagen, Denmark

During my stay in Denmark, I had many highlights, including seeing my Danish friend after more than two years, and I was able to fully immerse myself in the culture. From random invites to enjoy local food and drinks to biking everywhere, I truly felt like one of the locals. I saw several sites unique to Denmark, including The Little Mermaid, Fredrik’s Church, Amalienborg, Nyhavn Canal, and Velkimmen til Mons Klint.

When you work at BARR, you gain flexibility and true work/life balance. As long as you’re delivering quality work, traveling is quite easy—working anywhere around the globe is possible. In a way, we are basically a nomadic workforce not confined to one location, and that is truly special.


Katie Bialy, senior consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Where I traveled: Rhode Island, Baltimore, and Colorado

This summer, I got to work from Rhode Island, all while visiting friends and family and spending time at the beach. When I was in Baltimore, I spent time with my best friend before she got married, and while in Colorado, I went to a yoga festival with a fellow BARR associate. 

Working remotely allows me the flexibility to explore if I need to get away, change my surroundings, and spend time with friends and family without the barrier of needing to be in one location in order to work. I have the flexibility to bring my laptop with me wherever I go and work from that location, spending time exploring and seeing family or friends after I complete the day’s work. 


Daniel Flores Herrera, senior consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Where I traveled: Paris, France

While it was not my first time in Paris, it was my first time staying for more than a week. It gave me the opportunity to experience Paris like a true local—afternoon apéros, exploring the different arrondissements, and even experiencing my first ticket control in the Metro. However, the highlight of my trip was hanging out in Paris with another BARR associate who happened to be in the city at the time. As a fully remote firm, my colleagues are spread out across the U.S., so it was really cool that we were able to meet on the other side of the Atlantic.

I appreciate the flexibility and trust that I’m given at BARR. I’m able to plan spontaneous vacations or extended trips without having to go through an extensive planning or approval process because my teams and the firm know that I can do my job effectively while working remotely. 


Niti Jadhav, senior consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Where I traveled: France

This summer, I was able to travel to France. It was amazing to explore the area, learn more about the country and its rich culture, enjoy a ton of great food, and even meet up with some fellow BARR associates.

I appreciate the flexibility that working remotely provides, allowing for full ownership of my schedule. BARR in particular takes this one step further by providing perks such as flexible Friday hours, where associates can choose to catch up on work or use the day for themselves without the conflict of internal meetings, and fostering a culture of trust in each other to get work done no matter what time zone we may be in.


Ashlyn Jones, senior consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Where I traveled: Fort Collins, Colorado

My husband is a teacher, so it means summers are a haven for spontaneous trips and adventures. This summer, we went to Colorado to look at an art school he’s been eyeing. While we were there, we went up into the mountains to visit a good friend that we never get to see. It was beautiful!

Having the ability to work remotely helps me feel like my life and my work are one and the same—in a good way. Supporting my family and living my life freely do not have to be mutually exclusive while working remotely. My immediate family is spread out all over the U.S., and working remotely also means I can visit and support them in times of need, which is really important to me.


Bronwyn Wilson, associate consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Where I traveled: Croatia

I was lucky enough to travel to Croatia for about 10 days this summer. We went to Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split, traveling by boat along the beautiful coast. The highlights of my trip were undoubtedly the 17th and 18th century architecture, amazing assortment of seafood, and the charming people we encountered along the way. 

I absolutely love the flexibility of working remotely, allowing for these opportunities to travel. I always bring my laptop and travel screen to work whenever needed if I’m not explicitly taking the day off. Taking my office on the road is an adventure and advantage I never thought I would have. 

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