BARR Advisory Continues to Grow with the Addition of Matt Schuster, Associate Consultant

September 18, 2020 |

A new associate consultant has joined the BARR Advisory team: Matt Schuster. Schuster, who is based in the Kansas City area, recently completed his Master of Accounting degree at the University of Kansas after previously earning two bachelor’s degrees—one in accounting and the other in supply chain management.

Schuster chose the cybersecurity auditing path because he sees a lot of potential for growth and change in the industry.

“More and more companies are understanding the importance of cybersecurity and IT compliance which leads to more innovative solutions and technologies,” said Schuster. “I find it interesting that the landscape may look very different in the next few years.”

He was drawn to BARR after meeting a number of associates and learning about the company’s mission to create a more secure world.

“It really is a team of driven, hardworking, intelligent people,” he said. “I’m excited to see the impact I can make in a company that encourages everyone to make a difference.”

To make that impact, Schuster says he brings preparedness and diligence to the table.

“Those are two attributes I consider to be my most important,” he said. “Good work can only be done when both are applied, and one without the other is useless.”

As for what inspires him, Schuster was quick to reply.

“My parents are my greatest inspiration,” he said. “As Russian immigrants, they came to America with no connections or money, and spoke no English, yet they were able to carve out a life for my siblings and I. Their fearlessness, determination, and tenacity is something I strive to achieve in my own life.”

Outside of work, Schuster loves to golf. 

“I picked it up a few years ago,” he said. “Hopefully I can lower my handicap by a few strokes before winter!” 

And he also loves to travel. 

“My favorite vacation spot is Tel Aviv, Israel,” he said. “But the most beautiful place I’ve ever been is the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.”

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