Vince Maduri Joins BARR as Associate Consultant

March 24, 2020 |

The BARR Advisory team continues to grow with the addition of Vince Maduri as an associate consultant. Maduri joins BARR after six years as an operations manager at Wells Fargo. He decided to navigate his career down the cybersecurity path because he feels the industry plays a crucial role in 21st-century business. 

“Security and privacy standards are more a part of consumer consciousness than ever before,” said Maduri. “For any company in just about any industry, information security is quickly becoming just as important as cash flow or proper leverage. To gain customer confidence, assurances have to be made that the company is a secure place to do business.”

As for why BARR Advisory piqued his interest, he credits the firm’s team and size. 

“BARR provides the personal touch and commitment of a boutique firm with the resources, tools, and skills of a global consulting firm,” said Maduri. “It is a team of dynamic professionals who work tirelessly for the success of their clients—definitely something I want to be a part of.”

If he were to choose the most important personal attribute he brings to BARR, Maduri says it is his dedication.  

“I come from a team-sports background, having played all throughout my youth and in high school,” he said. “That mentality of dedication to a team’s success has translated over to my career. I aim to not only achieve my own personal goals, but also help anyone else on my team accomplish theirs. To me, it is this kind of dedication that can help us grow individually while also reaching company benchmarks.”

Even today, Maduri plays basketball and soccer in adult leagues. He also spends his time outside of work with his family, walking his dog and catching up on the latest Netflix series with his wife. 

In fact, Maduri’s family and their well-being is what inspires him most. “I would say everything I do, I do with these thoughts in mind: Does this help us fulfill our personal vision for our family and accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves in life?” 

Maduri has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University, and is nearing the completion of his Master of Global Management degree from ASU’s acclaimed Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

If you are looking to start your career in cybersecurity, Maduri offers you this advice: “It is crucial to have three key qualities: a passion for learning, the ability to self-start, and a natural curiosity. This industry is very dynamic, evolving and shifting constantly. These three qualities will help you seek out the right answers, learn, and grow as the industry continues to transform.”

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