BARR Expands CISO Advisory Team, Adds Larry Kinkaid as Senior Consultant

December 3, 2020 | Cybersecurity Consulting

Larry Kinkaid, CISA, CRISC, has joined the BARR Advisory team as senior consultant, CISO Advisory. In this role, Kinkaid supports the company’s growing CISO advisory service offerings, specifically for small-to-medium-sized companies in need of a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). 

Kinkaid is responsible for planning and executing various engagements including readiness assessments, policy and procedure documentation, vendor risk management assessments, and external audit assistance. He previously served as a governance, risk, and compliance analyst within Domino’s Pizza’s information security team. 

“Larry is a great fit for BARR because he has the attitude and work ethic of an entrepreneur, which works well because we’re building a new practice and most of our clients are in the same position or have similar personalities,” said Mitch Evans, director, CISO advisory. “I’m already impressed with his ability to master tasks quickly, as well as his willingness to try tasks that are new to him without much instruction.”

Officially joining the team in September 2020, Kinkaid has had some time to settle into his new role. 

“One of my favorite things so far is that we, as partners, get to share in the success of our clients,” he said. “I also appreciate the personal touch BARR offers to ensure we understand each client’s business and can make informed recommendations that align with their unique goals and objectives. Here, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.”

Kinkaid’s passion for cybersecurity extends beyond work. 

“I find myself discussing data security and innovative technology outside of work all the time. This makes what I do professionally even more rewarding.”

He also follows industry trends closely, and advises we all keep data privacy top of mind.

“It might be cliche, but there are so many tech companies vying for our trust. This aligns with the recent regulations trying to hold these organizations accountable.”

A quote that inspires him comes from Richard Nixon: “Only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

“This is a nice reminder that adversity is a catalyst for growth, both professionally and personally. You learn to appreciate your successes even more when you reflect on what it takes to get there.”

As far as what gets him up in the morning—or keeps him up at night, rather— Kinkaid looks forward to that first cup of morning coffee.

“My routine involves going to sleep pretty early. I can’t get going in the morning unless I have enough sleep—it throws off my whole day!”

And when he really needs to relax, Kinkaid finds a beach. 

“My favorite vacation spots have sand and are closer to the sun,” he said. “Bonus points if there’s a scuba diving charter!”

He also spends time listening to a number of podcasts. Here are four of his favorites:

  1. Business Casual
  2. Reply All
  3. Robinhood Snacks
  4. Stuff You Should Know

Kinkaid is eager to see what the future holds for the cybersecurity industry, and how that growth translates into educational opportunities.

“Higher education is giving it more attention than it used to,” said Kinkaid. “I see more colleges promoting their cybersecurity programs in response to the demand for the skill sets. For all you students out there, be sure to ask questions. With the way the industry continually changes and evolves, I’ve discovered that even the most seasoned veterans are still learning.”

BARR Advisory is looking to expand its CISO Advisory team further. Learn more about open positions here, or contact us


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