As BARR Continues to Expand its Team, New Faces Bring Exciting Perspective

July 14, 2022 |

BARR Advisory continues to expand our team. In a few short months, we’ve welcomed several new senior consultants to our cyber risk advisory practice, including Sydney Buchel, Brianna Plush, Nick ShratzSarah Varnell, and Carrie Wendelken, as well as Michelle Rawlings, media coordinator, and Krystal Wilson, executive administrative assistant.

Get to know our associates who’ve recently joined the BARR team and what they have to say about working in the cybersecurity industry.

Sydney Buchel, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Sydney played college basketball and broke winning records during her junior and senior year. At work, she prides herself on bringing accountability and optimism.

When asked what excites her about where the industry is going, Sydney said, “Cybersecurity is forever changing and presenting new challenges and opportunities. Every workday and client project brings new and exciting opportunities. Being open-minded and staying current on what is happening in the industry is key.”

Brianna Plush, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Brianna loves to garden, and along with her crops, she’s equally excited to see BARR grow, especially in its offerings to clients. She believes her positive attitude is the most important personal attribute to the job.

“I try to leave every interaction having brightened the other person’s day in some way. It makes for more meaningful relationships and always feels good to make others smile during long work days. It makes all our hard work worthwhile.”

Nick Shratz, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Nick is an avid hiker and camper and loves taking in scenic views when doing so. He’s a team player and is always willing to take work off a teammate’s plate or walk someone through a task if they need help.

Nick believes a few industry trends to watch for are the evolution of cloud technology and blockchain ledgers. He added, “The tech industry is always being disrupted and reimagined. I am excited to see what new innovations emerge and the challenges that accompany them.”

Sarah Varnell, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory/HITRUST

Sarah is a naturally curious person. She’s always looking for new books to read, songs to listen to, and information to learn. She also loves coffee and attributes the timer on her coffee maker as the technology innovation that has made the most impact on her life.

“I’m excited that more organizations are starting to prioritize security and data protection. With so much of our lives being within cyberspace, this is increasingly important.”

Carrie Wendelken, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

Carrie says living in California has made her a beach-loving person. “I love beach activities, whether that be soaking up the sun, walking along the shore, swimming in the ocean, or throwing around a football with some friends.”

She’s also excited for how fast BARR is growing. “It makes such a huge impact that every person at BARR embodies our core values. I’m excited to be part of that growth within the company and its people and the many opportunities for BARR’s future.”

Michelle Rawlings, Media Coordinator, Marketing Team

Michelle grew up surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and has an four-year-old border collie named Dakota, who she describes as “a bundle of joy and a bundle of energy —all the time.”

She also believes that dependability is an important attribute she brings to the workplace. “Both in business and in life, I want the people around me to feel confident that they can count on me to pull my own weight—and help others along when they need it.”

Krystal Wilson, Executive Administrative Assistant, Leadership Team

Krystal enjoys being near the beach and trying any and all seafood, so it’s no surprise one of her favorite vacation spots is Negril, Jamaica. Krystal is excited to see BARR continue to grow and brings her positive personality to her position.

One of Krystal’s biggest accomplishments was obtaining her degree during the pandemic. When asked what piece of advice she would give someone who wants to start a career in cybersecurity, Krstyal advised staying one step ahead, and to, “Absorb all the new information you can.”

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