BARR Expands Services to Help Growing Businesses with HR and Talent Needs

November 8, 2021 |

People and security go hand in hand. That’s why it was a natural fit for BARR Advisory to expand its offerings and provide a new opportunity for today’s growing businesses. BARR’s People & Culture Services cultivates a mission-driven company culture rooted in compliance and inclusion. This valuable new service assists with every stage of a business’s associate experience and fills in the gaps of their current People Operations teams. 

We sat down with Kari Cohen, BARR Advisory’s People & Culture Services practice director, to learn more about this new opportunity.

What are the goals of this new service at BARR Advisory?

Kari: “The goals of BARR People & Culture Services are to create custom programs for innovative, growing companies that want to push people programs and initiatives to the forefront of their businesses. We offer several programs that allow our team to become an extension of their business’s current People Ops team to share our knowledge and expertise. For newer companies, this could mean starting with HR basics like setting up all of the fundamentals, templates, and processes for sustainable growth. For fast-growing companies, it may mean we evaluate the talent acquisition process, audit the interview steps, job descriptions, and hiring team to ensure a company is relevant in today’s marketplace. We also can craft an incredible associate experience through onboarding, training, development, and/ or culture initiatives. Our goal is simple…to meet companies where they currently are and help them elevate, engage, and enhance all people practices.”

Who would benefit from utilizing People & Culture Services?

Kari: Well, any organization that wants to put “people” initiatives more at the forefront. Companies who don’t have the bandwidth of the current internal team to develop these programs can hire us to create them, and then we can help implement and train them. Also, companies who may not be large enough to bring someone in-house full-time can instead hire our team in an “a-la-carte” capacity to put these programs into place. Companies looking to revamp, renew, or re-energize current practices can find a partner in BARR’s People & Culture Services. Sometimes having an external party come in to audit and assess can shed some light on what needs to be added to see impactful change.”

What should companies expect when they work with BARR Advisory for their HR and talent needs?

Kari:Companies should expect to receive a thoughtful plan that is supported by a team of experts who genuinely care about the company’s associates, their well-being, engagement, and productivity. We truly believe a company’s associates are their biggest and best asset. Taking care of them with programs, offerings, and initiatives will keep them focused, productive, and feeling safe, which ultimately will affect all aspects of the business.”

How does an organization get started working with the BARR People & Culture team?

Kari: “The best way to get started is to set up a primary call by visiting our website, We will really just listen and then create a roadmap of varying options that works with the company’s goals, core values, growth plan, and long term objectives.”

Interested but still want to learn more? Join BARR People & Culture Services virtually any Thursday from 11 a.m. to noon CST for an open Q&A. We’re here to help and answer all of your questions. Or contact us to set up a free, personalized consultation.

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