It’s BARR Belong Foundation Month! Find Out What BARR is Doing to Give Back to Our Communities

October 12, 2021 |

This October marks BARR Advisory’s first-ever BARR Belong Foundation Month. The month is full of opportunities for associates to give back to their communities, concluding with the company’s fourth annual Day of Giving on October 20. 

What is the BARR Belong Foundation?

Our foundation was created as a way for associates to support causes close to their hearts. It’s also a way to connect with people and opportunities for personal and professional growth and success. The foundation has four main focus areas: volunteerism, financial support, community building, and pro-bono services. 

  • Volunteerism: Associates give their time by volunteering at nonprofits centered on causes like animal welfare, at-risk youth, community beautification, LGBTQ+, homeless outreach, environmental sustainability, and more. 
  • Financial support: At BARR, we realize the impact workplace giving has on the world around us. In fact, an estimated $5 billion is given to U.S. nonprofits each year because of it. We do our part by giving one percent of BARR’s profit back to our communities each year. One way we do this is through BARR’s Matching Gift Program, where associate donations are matched dollar-for-dollar up to $500 per year.
  • Community leadership: This program focuses on empowering students in underserved high schools and higher education institutions, helping them gain access to education and career readiness opportunities. From associate-led mock interviews to guest speaking to scholarship offerings, we’re hoping to better prepare the next generation of leaders for success, with a special focus on diverse groups.
  • Pro-bono services: We provide pro-bono cybersecurity consulting and creative services to nonprofits in communities across the country.  

BARR Belong Foundation Month

From company-led financial contribution programs to a Day of Service, the month is full of opportunities for associates to recognize, serve, and support their communities.

“During October, we want to celebrate the collective philanthropic impact our team makes through contributions of time, talent, and treasure,” said Jonnae Hill, culture and community engagement manager. “Of course, everything leads up to our Day of Giving on October 20, where we close for business and use the day to engage in service in our respective communities.” 

We started the month-long celebration by providing each associate with a $25 Giving Card to give to a nonprofit of their choice. Here are just a few organizations our team has decided to support with these gifts:

As Hill mentioned, all efforts lead up to BARR’s annual Day of Giving on October 20. This year, associates are doing all kinds of good deeds, from donating platelets at the American Red Cross to preparing meals for Community Fridges to helping out at the Veterans Community Project. 

“We hope this focus on philanthropy inspires our associates to continue to find new ways to positively impact the causes most important to them,” said Hill.

In addition to the annual Day of Giving, BARR provides associates with two bonus days each year they can dedicate to service projects of their choice. 

“The goal, through all of these combined efforts, is to create stronger, safer, more secure communities where our associates live and work.”

Take a few minutes to find out more about our 2018, 2019, and 2020 BARR Days of Giving.

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