CSA STAR Promotional Package

Leveraging Your CSA STAR Attestation to Grow Your Business

Let Your Customers Know Their Data is Safe With You

You’ve done it! Now that you’ve completed your CSA STAR engagement with us, it’s time to share the news with customers, partners, and other company stakeholders, reassuring them that their data is safe with you. Please use these complimentary materials to get you started.

It’s OK to show off. Share your compliance accomplishment on your social media channels. We’ve created sample social media posts and images that you can tailor to your organization.

Click to download: .DOCX | .PDF

A press release is a great way to spread the news of your achievement far and wide. Download a sample press release below, update as you see fit, and share with local and tech media, on your blog, and however you communicate with external stakeholders.

CSA STAR + ISO 27001: .DOCX | .PDF

Please send draft release to [email protected] at least 5 business days in advance of your release date for approval.

Help current and prospective customers understand what your CSA STAR attestation or certification means for them by publishing a blog post explaining the significance of the achievement. Download a sample blog post below, adjust it to fit your organization, and don’t forget to share the published article on social media.

CSA STAR + ISO 27001: .DOCX | .PDF

A member of your engagement team can provide a quote to include in your press release or blog post. For more information, contact our marketing team.

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