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New to SOC 2?
New to SOC 2? Here’s How to Be Successful
Any service organization that wants to establish an element of trust between its services and the end user and its customers needs transparency. This means providing ample information regarding policies and procedures for how the company operates. Service Organization Controls (SOC) Reports® are one form of ensuring service organizations are taking steps to safeguard their customers’ information. Service, and especially technology-as-a-service organizations, benefit from a SOC 2 report and audit performed by a Certified Public Accountant. How can you ensure a successful outcome when you’re new to SOC 2? We have a few pointers for you.
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information security
Roadmap to Implementing a Successful Information Security Program
Be it for proprietary information or personal information of customers, a security program and recovery plan are essential components of doing business in a digital age. Below is a simplified roadmap to help your business implement a successful information security program.
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traffic lane
An Effective Risk Management Program Explained
While every business faces some measure of risk, one of the ultimate factors in any successful enterprise is an effective risk management program. One of the most difficult things for any business owner to consider is the threats and vulnerabilities to the business. However, facing these risks head on through careful planning and evaluation can help ensure your company is fortified against the many risks and vulnerabilities that exist today.
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