Federal Assessments

FedRAMP, DFARS, and NIST 800-53 Assessments

Assurance for Organizations Serving Government Entities

Our extensive experience providing cybersecurity and compliance solutions to cloud service providers in highly-regulated industries means we are uniquely positioned to understand the complex requirements of the government sector. Our unified and agile compliance solutions use a risk-based approach that maps policies, procedures, and controls across multiple regulatory requirements. This is true of the various compliance requirements such as FedRAMP, DFARS, CJIS, and NIST 800-53. Our services go beyond the mappings and help you navigate the challenges of demonstrating specific compliance requirements of customers in government.

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In 2025, BARR will be accredited as a Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), helping organizations achieve full FedRAMP authorization.

A Proven Process for Federal Assessment Services

There are various common elements to all government assessment services where BARR can help organizations navigate business with the government whether you are looking for an authority to operate (ATO) or general compliance reporting.

Categorize the system: Document risk impact (low, moderate, or high) based upon the FIPS 199 template.
Select and implement security controls: Assist to select NIST baseline security controls based on the system categorization.

Create a System Security Plan (SSP): We will assist with creation of the SSP which describes the security authorization boundary, how the implementation addresses each baseline NIST required control, roles and responsibilities, and expected behavior of individuals with system access.

Other supplemental documentation: Security Policies, Privacy Analysis, e-Authentication Worksheet, User Guide, Rules of Behavior, IT Contingency Plan, Configuration Management Plan, Control Information Summary (CIS), Incident Response Plan, and Privacy Impact Assessment (if applicable).

Concerns about security and compliance reporting with government work drive organizations to seek help with review of their procedures before undergoing the audit. The purpose of a readiness review is to identify control weaknesses that need correction. Deliverables from the readiness assessment include:

  • Control gaps and areas of improvement
  • Prioritized observations and recommendations for remediation
  • Implementation assistance

The advantage of performing a readiness assessment prior to a future examination is to give management an opportunity to address control gaps.

As an independent audit firm, BARR can perform security assessments using the required templates needed for submission packages to various government entities or other external stakeholders.

Why BARR for Federal Assessments

Trusted advisor to leading cloud service providers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) around the globe

Serving the most regulated industries including technology, financial services, healthcare, and government

Clients range from high-growth startups to Fortune 1000 companies

40% of BARR’s audit reports are delivered early

Competitive, fixed rates to accommodate growing enterprises

The expertise of a global consulting agency with the accessibility of a boutique firm

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