Happy World Password Day! Here’s a Gift From BARR to You

May 7, 2020 |

Today is World Password Day, and it’s not just a day for those of us in the cybersecurity industry. It’s an important day for anyone who has any kind of digital account. And we’re guessing that includes Y-O-U.

The day was created to promote better password habits, and BARR Advisory is here to help you do just that. Our gift to you today is this list of five easy tips to better secure your digital identity.

  1. Create a quick list of all your most important online accounts and update those passwords. These likely include accounts used for banking, shopping, email, and social networking. Be sure to set a recurring reminder on your phone that alerts you to do this again every three months. The more you update, the safer your accounts will be.
  2. Make sure your new passwords, and all passwords moving forward, are complex. What exactly do we mean by complex? BARR recommends passwords be at least eight characters long and consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Here are some great tips from Google on increasing password strength. BARR also recommends using an online password manager, like LastPass. 
  3. Activate multi-factor authentication on any accounts that contain important personal data. Learn more about this here
  4. Change your wireless network password. It has likely been the same since you set it up, so today is the perfect day to update. 
  5. Share this article with friends and family. Ask them to take a few minutes and tackle the above (this includes your Aunt Susan whose Facebook password is probably still 1234). 

World Password Day reminds us how much of our lives are lived online. By reading this and completing the five tasks above, you are better protecting yourself. 

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