Welcome Kyle Helles: Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

December 12, 2017 |

We’re thrilled to welcome Kyle Helles to the BARR Advisory team. As a Senior Consultant in our Cyber Risk Advisory practice, Kyle specializes in performing IT assessments over the design and operating effectiveness of control environments based on industry trends, leading best practice, and regulatory requirements.

A Cornell University graduate, yoga enthusiast, and so much more. Since arriving in October, we’ve learned a great deal about our dynamic team member and look forward to sharing this brief Q&A so you can, too. 

Q: What excites you about joining BARR Advisory?

A: I’m most excited about being part of a high energy, positive and growing team. I know that everyone at BARR is actively contributing to our organization’s success and to the success of our clients. As new team members join and enrich the firm with their skills, experience and drive, it will only get better.

Q: What do you love most about what you do?

A: I love helping organizations define and achieve their security goals. Cyber risk consulting is about more than compliance with regulatory requirements; it’s about the evolution of people, processes and technology to ensure that companies thrive, and that sensitive data is kept safe, as the threat landscape shifts. It’s exciting to be a part of this fast-paced and growing movement to improve the security posture at companies that consumers and businesses interact with and rely on.  

Q: What interests you about the cybersecurity industry?

As data breaches increase in size and severity, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of having a robust cybersecurity program in place to protect a company, its customers, and its employees. Although large breaches create widespread concern, they also spark positive action. And it’s encouraging to see organizations placing new emphasis on — and devoting new resources to — their security programs. The responsibility to uphold security is no longer isolated to IT personnel. It requires an inclusive, cooperative approach that we are all a part of.   

Q: What is the most important personal attribute you bring to your job?

A: Curiosity. I’ve always been a person that loves to explore new ideas, learn new skills, and experience new things. As a professional, I am truly interested in what makes a business work. I want to know where roadblocks exist and how they can be removed; what the root cause of any issue is and how it can be resolved.  I want to know how best I can add value that supports the people at an organization — now and in the future.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A: “If you aren’t confused and uncomfortable, then you aren’t learning.” The first time I heard this, it was a college professor giving a reminder to a class of business students nervously preparing to make presentations. I’ve repeated this phrase to myself a million times since then, reminding myself that growth is not always comfortable, and comprehension of new knowledge is not always immediate, and that’s all okay. In fact, that’s the way it’s supposed to be if you’re challenging yourself.


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