Welcome Alyssa Huston: Associate Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory

July 23, 2018 |

The BARR team is growing! We’re thrilled to welcome Alyssa Huston, Associate Consultant in our Cyber Risk Advisory practice. In her role, Alyssa helps clients navigate complex security and compliance issues.

Alyssa is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and has completed nearly 300 hours of Information Security or audit-related training courses. We look forward to sharing this brief Q&A, so you can get to know our new BARR team member.  

Briefly describe a day in your role as an associate consultant.

My day typically entails the identification of risks and verification of current security controls through documentation and testwork. Also, I schedule weekly meetings with all of my clients to ensure a clear communication channel and frequent status updates.

Why is what we do at BARR Advisory so paramount for every organization?

Security! Hackers have become extremely clever and learned all of the back doors. It is so important to ensure your company is adequately secured.

What resources would you recommend to clients interested in best practices? 

  • [Book] Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West
    This book offers the 10 rules we should all live by, both in our personal and professional lives. It focuses on quality over quantity and how “your word” should be something of value. The rules are:

    1. Live each day with courage.
    2. Take pride in your work.
    3. Always finish what you start.
    4. Do what has to be done.
    5. Be tough, but fair.
    6. When you make a promise, keep it.
    7. Ride for the “brand.”
    8. Talk less, Say more.
    9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
    10. Know when to draw the line.
  • [Netflix Documentary] Terms and Conditions May Apply
    This documentary is an eye-opening expose that reveals and examines the erosion of privacy in the current digital age. I found it extremely relevant to my current role as a Cybersecurity and Risk Consultant at BARR Advisory and believe our clients will, too.

What gets you up in the morning or keeps you up at night?

Coffee is the answer to both parts of the question.

What inspires you — in your career and personally?

Helping others and feeling that I am making a difference. I love to volunteer in my free time, and I really appreciate that BARR supports this passion, both financially and through our company’s goals and values.

Why should clients choose BARR Advisory for their cybersecurity and compliance needs?

BARR offers a certain personal touch that I feel gets lost in translation with some of the other bigger firms. You can feel and see the passion behind our associates and our company’s values.  

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