Top 5 Things I Learned as a BARR Advisory Intern in Kansas City

August 3, 2018 |

And just like that, my summer as a Cyber Risk Intern at BARR Advisory has come to an end. I met some of the most impressive and hard working people and was lucky to feel like an official member of the BARR team. I’m proud to say I learned a lot of important lessons, but after working at BARR Advisory’s headquarters in Kansas City, here are my top five takeaways as an intern:

Enjoy the People You Work With

Having a supportive and driven team around you plays an important role in the success of a company. The BARR team consists of a stellar cast, who were always willing to make time to assist me in learning some of the finer details of the cybersecurity and compliance business.

Also, it’s an absolute must to be around people that push you to be your best self and provide support when needed. I enjoyed every minute I spent with the BARR team and learned what it takes to make it in the real world.

Have a Common Goal

Every team member needs to be on the same page and share a common goal. In order to achieve new milestones, all team members need to buy in and contribute.

Hands-on Experience is the Best Experience

During my time at BARR, I had the opportunity to travel to Dallas and New Jersey for client engagements. While in Dallas, I was fortunate enough to be given the reigns to lead a client interview. This was a tremendous opportunity for me to build my skill set and confidence.

Look to a Leader

BARR has strong leadership in place at all levels. I have witnessed insightful leadership at the top — starting with Brad Thies. His vision, patience and honesty filters down to all levels of the company. Through his mentorship, I have learned that the value of a company draws its strength from the top.

Be Vocal

As an intern, one may feel slightly intimidated and choose not to vocalize their opinion. My advice to other interns would be to ask plenty of questions because you are there to learn. Many employers are willing and happy to take an opinion from a younger member of the team. Sometimes, as an intern, you can introduce a fresh idea that may not have been thought of.

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