Streamlined Audits through Automation: An Optimized Approach to Compliance


Let’s be frank. Compliance can be tedious, resource-draining, and often redundant with insurmountable evidence to collect, spreadsheets to build, and screenshots to upload, all of which are prone to error. Enter compliance automation.

Compliance automation software can streamline the arduous journey of achieving and maintaining compliance with required standards and regulations. Using this type of solution can elevate auditing to a timely, efficient process, allowing security consultants more time to advise companies on best practices to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape and empowering customers to continuously monitor their compliance posture.

Join us for a conversation with CMS organization Hygraph (formerly GraphCMS), who enlisted Drata’s compliance automation platform and BARR’s platform-fluent auditing team to streamline their SOC 2 exam. This webinar will provide insight on how compliance automation and auditing come together, discoveries along Hygraph’s security journey, and what the future looks like in the cybersecurity industry.

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