Shifting the Risk Management Narrative: Necessary Evil to Security-Focused Culture


A compliance audit is, at best, a necessary evil—the root canal of the business world. It can be a painful process that you regret about halfway through, even if you know it’s good for you. But just as you can avoid root canals with proper hygiene and regular checkups, the pain of security assessments can also be avoided by shifting how your organization approaches risk management. By asking the right questions before an audit and making sure processes are streamlined, compliance audits are not only relatively painless, but also actively beneficial to both your company and clients.

During this webinar, we’ll be joined by thought leaders in the cybersecurity space and leverage the perspective of an organization in a highly vulnerable sector to discuss how through appropriate readiness, automated processes, and future-minded auditing, you can change the internal narrative around compliance from an annual nuisance that everyone wants to complete as quickly as possible to a security-focused culture that elevates your business practice.

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