Shaping Up Your Security Posture


Whether you’re a scaling startup or an established enterprise, refining your cybersecurity program is an evolving process. Constantly adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape is both a challenge and an opportunity for any business. In this panel discussion, we tackle the pain points, challenges, and successes of establishing and maintaining a strong security posture.

Nick Santora, CISA, CISSP, CEO of Curricula; Brad Thies, CISA, CPA, President and Founder of BARR Advisory; and Larry Kinkaid, CISA, CRISC, Senior Consultant and BARR Advisory, discuss how you can ingrain security into the culture of your company and use it as a differentiator for your business. Chris Fornia, Security Engineer at Ceros, provides a client perspective, working with both Curricula and BARR to enhance Ceros’s cybersecurity program.

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