Meet Mitch Evans, Director of Risk Consulting

January 29, 2018 |

Our associates are what make BARR Advisory a truly great place to work. Get to know the people who are dedicated to helping your organization achieve the security you need and the compliance to succeed.  

Meet Mitch Evans, our Director of Risk Consulting. Find out why he loves working at BARR, why cybersecurity is so important for today’s enterprise, and what baseball player inspired his dog’s name.

What do you love most about your job at BARR?

I love working with organizations that are on the cutting edge of technology that is fundamentally shaping the way our economy and society functions. I’m astounded almost daily at the creativity and ambition of our clients as well as our business partners.

At BARR, we have the opportunity to consult and learn from these companies as they strive to not only create innovative products, but also do so in a way that prioritizes the security of customers’ data. Every day is challenging and different.

Why should cybersecurity be paramount for every organization?

As the world continues to develop and technology becomes an integral part of daily operations, it is critical that organizations consider security in every aspect of their business.

For large organizations, the risks associated with security breaches result in the loss of reputation and significant revenue in settlements and fines from regulatory agencies.

For smaller organizations, a framework must be established early on to ensure security is built into all processes and systems. 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyberattack.

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m extremely proud that I learned Mandarin Chinese. It took a lot of effort and determination to learn the language and although I’m not quite as good as I used to be, it is one of my most cherished skills.

All-time favorite vacation spot?

Canyonlands National Park (Utah, USA) is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Tell us about your dog.

Chipper is a Border Collie, and he’s brilliant. He loves to chase fast animals, tennis balls, and bicyclists. He howls at fire trucks all day and night. I named him after my favorite baseball player, and best switch-hitting third baseman, hall-of-famer Chipper Jones.

Where do you find inspiration?

The people I surround myself with inspire me every day. I wouldn’t progress, in life or in my career, without them. They push me to be better on a daily and even hourly basis.

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