BARR Founder & President Speaks at EVOLVE: ISACA’s Emerging Tech Virtual Conference

December 2, 2021 |

Brad Thies, president and founder of BARR Advisory, recently spoke at EVOLVE—ISACA’s Emerging Tech Virtual Conference on November 16, 2021. He led a session titled, “Security vs. Compliance: How to Differentiate Your Company Through Top-notch Cloud Security Automation and Compliance Harmony” to experienced information security and tech professionals from across the globe. 

Thies designed his presentation so participants would leave the session able to: 

  • Understand current cloud security, including cloud reliability, priorities and bring a fresh mindset to their company;
  • Go beyond the basics of cloud security by settling the security vs. compliance debate;
  • Analyze the intersection of cloud security and reliability risks; and,
  • Apply what they learned to their security posture, differentiating their businesses and boosting their brands.

“The pandemic has caused a massive shift to the cloud, which makes this the perfect time to fully embrace the evolving threat models of cloud deployments,” said Thies. “I hope attendees left with a thorough understanding of not only what goes into a successful cloud security program and how to implement those strategies immediately, but also how to use all of that to differentiate their businesses.”

The presentation included audience discussion, polling, and a Q&A.

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