Instabug Case Study

CSA STAR Attestation leads to an increase in customer trust with enterprise customers, accelerates sales cycle for Instabug.

At a Glance

Instabug is an industry-leading mobile performance company that empowers mobile application teams to balance stability, performance, and feature development throughout the entire development lifecycle.

With its comprehensive platform, Instabug partners with enterprise companies to optimize their mobile application performance and consistently deliver a high-quality user experience.

Instabug works with some of the largest enterprise organizations to 1) align teams around a single performance metric, 2) integrate performance into the release management process, 3) debug and resolve issues before users are impacted, and 4) automate reproduction capture steps.

The Challenge

Instabug has demonstrated a strong security posture over the years through the successful maintenance of SOC 2 reports. Partnering with BARR on these reports accelerated Instabug’s sales procurement cycle and provided increased confidence to their globally recognized customer base. With several SOC 2 reports under their belt, Instabug began to address the challenge of security evaluations for some of their enterprise customers.

Because of the time-consuming nature of these evaluations, Instabug knew they needed to reassess their security controls to meet the requirements of the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), a cybersecurity control framework geared toward the assessment of cloud computing. Through the CCM framework, Instabug’s goal was to minimize the time spent on security evaluations, and ultimately, quicken their sales cycle in the process.

The less time our team can spend on completing customized efforts for building trust, the more time we can invest into improving our security maturity.

Anwar El-Wakil
Security and Compliance Manager

The Solution

To meet the specific needs of their enterprise customers, Instabug completed the Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) and achieved the Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust, Assurance, and Risk (CSA STAR) Level 1, a selfassessment which uses the CCM to evaluate and document security controls.

Once Instabug accomplished CSA STAR Level 1, they knew they wanted to complete the CSA STAR Level 2 audit, which includes the opportunity to publish to the CSA STAR registry, a public registry documenting the security and privacy controls provided by popular cloud computing offerings. With flexibility and expertise, BARR adjusted the scope of their existing SOC 2 audit to include the CCM, and Instabug successfully achieved CSA STAR Level 2 Attestation.

As a cloud-based business, there’s a level of complexity to our organization when meeting the requirements of specific standards. BARR really understands how cloud-based organizations operate over a period of time, and they are flexible enough to adjust to our needs as they develop.

Anwar El-Wakil
Security and Compliance Manager

The Results

Enhancing Instabug’s SOC 2 report with the CCM framework to achieve CSA STAR Level 2 Attestation further demonstrated Instabug’s commitment to cloud security. Through this process, BARR provided Instabug with additional value to their existing framework in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Additionally, publishing to the CSA STAR Level 2 registry built immediate trust with Instabug’s customers, demonstrating their strong security posture and providing assurance from a trusted external evaluator. This visibility reduced complexities and alleviated the need for Instabug’s sales and business development teams to spend time filling out multiple security evaluations.

After working with BARR, Instabug experienced:

Strengthened trust with enterprise customers;

Boost in efficiencies through the addition of CSA STAR to existing frameworks; and,

Accelerated sales cycle by eliminating time-consuming security evaluations.

BARR’s ability to understand the complexities of our business and security controls is unique. They demonstrated a willingness to support us in navigating and fully understanding the complex scope of the CCM controls and ensured we were efficient in our effort to attest our compliance to the controls.

Anwar El-Wakil
Security and Compliance Manager

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