Presidents of BARR and Hive Systems Co-lead Webinar: “Cybersecurity Trends Shaping the Future for Cloud Service Providers”

May 21, 2021 | Cloud Security

With the ever-changing technology landscape, many services are now becoming automated and a great deal of data is migrating to the cloud. And let’s face it, cybercriminals know this all too well and are working faster than ever to access, steal, and sell this valuable data. Knowing this, BARR founder and president, Brad Thies, and Hive Systems president and CEO, Alex Nette, came together for a roundtable discussion on what all this means for cloud service providers (CSPs).

During the webinar, titled “Cybersecurity Trends Shaping the Future for Cloud Service Providers,” Thies and Nette shared their take on emerging trends, threats, and what CSPs can do to protect their companies from cyber attacks. Thies led with an analogy to help explain CSPs to viewers. 

“I like to think of SaaS tools like G Suite and Office 365 as the people, IaaS tools like AWS and Azure as the roads or infrastructure, and platforms like GitHub and Heroku as the vehicles,” he said. 

The two cybersecurity leaders also talked about the uncertainty of data safety in the cloud, particularly from the perspective of small- to medium-sized business owners. 

“There’s been a fundamental shift from thinking the cloud is untrustworthy to using the cloud en masse,” said Nette. Both agreed there is a skills gap around managing the cloud that needs to be addressed. 

“Trust is a big part of this,” said Thies. “There are a lot of conversations about the importance of compliance attestations, but it can’t stop there. There needs to be additional conversations about security—when security is a focus, compliance will follow.”

As for what the future of cloud security looks like from Thies’ and Nette’s perspectives? Here are two key takeaways:

  • The cloud is no longer a new and emerging technology; it has become a vital part of doing business.
  • Cybersecurity needs to be considered at the onset of cloud adoption to empower businesses and set them up for success.

Learn more about BARR’s unique partnership with Hive Systems—an initiative that fully optimizes a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for businesses looking to build or enhance their organization’s cybersecurity programs.

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