Our Hiring Process: What to Expect When You Apply For a Position at BARR Advisory

June 4, 2020 |

Applying for a new job can sometimes feel like you’re sending your resume into the abyss. One of the core values at BARR is transparency, which means we build relationships based on respect, accountability, and trust. The goal of our hiring process is that when you submit your resume for a position with us, you know exactly what to expect.

So we sat down with Whitney Lindsey, people operations manager, for a deep dive into our hiring process. 

Q: How would you describe the overall hiring process at BARR Advisory?

A: Our process is mostly virtual. Since BARR is a remote-based company, we do this to ensure candidates can communicate successfully in a virtual environment. You can expect the first call to be with a recruiter. For certain positions, the next step is to submit a brief video presentation. Videos give us a glimpse into your communication style, and allow us to see how well you can convey a technical topic. In some cases, we also walk through a mock audit exercise to see a candidate’s work style, audit skills, and written communication skills. During the final stage of the process, candidates speak to BARR’s leadership team and future team members. From there, the hiring team regroups and makes a final decision. 

Q: What happens during that first call with the recruiter?

A: Mostly information sharing. We want to make sure the position is a fit and the candidate meets minimum qualifications. It’s also an opportunity for us to share details about BARR’s mission, clients, culture, benefits, and perks. During this call, we also set expectations about the overall hiring process to help candidates prepare for next steps. There’s also plenty of time for candidates to ask questions. 

Q: When reviewing resumes or interviewing a candidate, what are you looking for?

A: We look for two main things when we’re hiring someone: position and competency fit as well as culture fit. Each position has key competencies we are screening for, and we use behavioral interviewing techniques to understand whether or not a candidate has the right competencies to be successful in the position. For culture fit, we look for people whose values align with our company and professional beliefs. 

Q: How long does the overall process typically take?

A: You can expect to hear from BARR within a week after applying. On the same note, we do our best to ensure each candidate receives a response after the interview stage as quickly as possible. Final decisions are typically made within one week or less following the final leadership team interview. In other words, the overall process can take 4-5 weeks from start to finish, depending on the availability of all those involved. 

Q: What can candidates do to prepare?

A: Be ready to tell us about what you’ve accomplished in your current and previous roles. We LOVE specifics. Prepare to tell us about times when you found success, as well as moments where you’ve learned from your mistakes. 

Q: What is involved in the video presentation and mock audit exercise components?

A: The video is meant to be 2-3 minutes long, so we recommend keeping your thoughts organized and succinct. Be sure to practice before you record. The video is meant to inform us about your communication style and overall personality. For the mock audit, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you conduct as much research as needed to accomplish the assignment. For the right candidate, the audit exercise takes no longer than 1-2 hours. You’ll learn more about it after that first recruiter call. 

Q: What do candidates need to know about BARR prior to applying?

A: First of all, please take a minute to review our outstanding benefits and Glassdoor reviews. Also know that once you’re part of the BARR team, we treat our onboarding process very seriously right out of the gate. Even though we’re fully remote, we want you to feel the warm sense of camaraderie and company culture we all share. You can expect things like:

  • An official, written welcome
  • Live virtual introduction to the full team
  • Immediate invitations to join all applicable Slack channels, including the non-work-related ones (i.e., #petsandkids)
  • Getting-to-know-you survey 
  • Consistent one-on-one time blocked off with leadership
  • Pairing with a new hire “BARR buddy”
  • Easy-to-use board in Trello (our company collaboration tool), where you can track onboarding to-dos as you move through your new-hire journey
  • 30-60-90 day check-ins with your manager
  • Recruiting and onboarding surveys to help us improve our processes

Q: Any final tips for candidates?

A: Please, please proofread your work. Treat virtual interviews like in-person interviews, dress for success, and ensure your background is professional. Also, test your sound and video beforehand. 

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