HITRUST: Did You Know?—Part 2, HITRUST Risk Assessment

August 31, 2023 | HITRUST

How has your organization handled the ever-changing cyber risks in the digital landscape over the past few years? While keeping up with the threat landscape might feel daunting, healthcare compliance frameworks like HITRUST can help to secure trust and protect sensitive data.  In addition to securing data, did you know about the many benefits of HITRUST’s healthcare risk assessment solutions?

To better prepare organizations to begin or continue their healthcare compliance journey, the HITRUST Alliance recently released HITRUST: Did You Know?, a guide covering ten essential facts about HITRUST certification. We’re explaining these facts in a four-part blog series so your organization has all the information about HITRUST. Read our first blog highlighting the e1, i1, and r2 HITRUST Assessments and which assessment might benefit your organization the most.

In this iteration of HITRUST: Did You Know?, you’ll learn about HITRUST’s risk assessment program and how you can benefit from its ongoing solutions—like keeping up to date with emerging threats and saving time and effort through an efficient, proven process. 

HITRUST is the only assessment program that regularly evaluates emerging cyber threats and risks, ensuring relevant controls are in place.

To ensure HITRUST assessments remain relevant as the cyber threat landscape evolves, HITRUST regularly evaluates cyber threat intelligence. It identifies potential gaps in control coverage in its assurance portfolio

Through HITRUST v11, the assurance portfolio focuses on critical factors that provide organizations with a foundation to consistently remain compliant and evolve in their maturity. These factors include:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Growing the HITRUST security ecosystem
  • Incorporating metrics that lead to maturity 
  • The use of traversability between assessments 
  • Critical success factors of Rely-ability™—transparency, consistency, accuracy, and integrity  

HITRUST publishes regular updates to keep up with the changing needs of organizations. Unlike other standards and risk management frameworks, HITRUST assessments are cyber threat-adaptive. This means that they regularly stay up to date on relevant risks, avoiding the need for organizations to distribute security questionnaires.

HITRUST now enables Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) solutions to manage information risk efficiently.  

With the HITRUST Results Distribution System (RDS), organizations save time and effort by eliminating mundane tasks like locating assessment results and manually entering a limited data set in their TPRM solution. RDS can post electronic assessment details into TPRM solutions promptly and efficiently, enabling better compliance and analytics.

Take a look at the at-a-glance benefits of the HITRUST RDS:

  • Reduces the inefficiencies in current approaches by sharing assurance results more efficiently
  • Works within your TPRM system to improve data access, security, and storage
  • Unlocks the power of analytics by locating and extracting key information faster
  • Helps automate TPRM and vendor management activities
  • Enables electronic delivery of assessment results to specific individuals or organizations via the HITRUST Application and/or API interface
  • Allows recipients to set alerts based on various assessment thresholds

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