A Day in the Life of A BARR Associate with Eduardo Madero

January 19, 2023 |

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an IT auditor looks like? Welcome to our Day in the Life blog series, where we dive into what a typical day looks like through the eyes of our associates. Below, Associate Consultant Eduardo Madero will walk you through a day in the life at BARR Advisory. Let’s get the day started! You can also check out our previous installment of this series with Senior Consultant Emma Ostrowski. 

The Morning 

Every day I wake up and prepare my daily cinnamon oatmeal. I like to use my mornings to assess all the tasks I need to get done that day, and then I get started on control testing! 

The Work Day

A typical work day can vary. It usually includes documenting between 4 and 5 controls and attending walkthrough meetings to go over the process of some specific controls with clients. I also frequently attend engagement kickoff meetings to discuss in-scope systems or any changes from prior years. 

As I’m working throughout the day, I always keep a box of deluxe mixed nuts at my desk. For lunch, I’ll make a smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, spinach, and avocado. I’m getting hungry as I write this! 

After sitting for an extended period of time, I love to take a quick break to get some exercise on my stairmaster machine. Just 30 minutes on it is perfect for cardiovascular conditioning. 

My favorite part of work is testing non-automated controls because it provides me with a sense of challenge. I enjoy learning about new systems and processes each time I work with a non-automated client. These kinds of challenges are helping me to learn and grow in my role here at BARR, and I love gaining experience from different types of engagements. 

The Culture 

The culture here at BARR is my favorite part of working here, and what I admire most about our company. My colleagues are always willing to provide unparalleled support to their peers, and it’s valuable to work with people who express similar enthusiasm about the work we do together. 

About Eduardo Madero 

As an associate sonsultant in BARR’s Attest Services practice, Eduardo Madero is responsible for supporting senior consultants with the completion of SOC 2 audits for SaaS clients. 

Eduardo graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Computer Information Systems. Eduardo is proficient in Microsoft Office and data management. He excels when working in a team and has extensive experience in public speaking. Eduardo is fluent in both English and Spanish and can read and write in Hebrew. 

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