BARR Launches Quarterly Publication Helping Organizations Build a Culture of Security 

May 25, 2023 |

BARR Advisory is excited to announce our launch of a new quarterly publication, For Your Information: A cyBARR Quarterly. Since we’re all about being future ready at BARR, we wanted to bring you the latest in security and compliance directly to your inbox. This e-magazine is sent out at the end of each quarter, highlighting what’s happening at BARR and in the world of cybersecurity. 

cyBARR Quarterly also features:

  • BARR’s Service Line Spotlights
  • Hacker-Proof Headlines
  • BARR Wins and Milestones
  • The BARR Belong Foundation
  • A Word from Our Clients

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Or, download your copy here.


Building a Culture of Security 

We believe in the value of thinking long term and starting from your organization’s core values to get everyone on board with your security and compliance goals. cyBARR Quarterly features helpful tips and tools for building a culture of security from within. 

Senior Consultant for BARR’s Attest Services Gustavo Almanza said, “In today’s environment, it’s ideal for everyone at your organization to have a security-first perspective. In an ever-changing world, threats to organizations of all sizes have gotten more sophisticated and harder to detect. When everyone on your team is aware of security best practices, you can maintain a successful culture of security.”

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