BARR Partners with Hive Systems to Offer A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution

May 5, 2021 |

BARR Advisory has officially partnered with cybersecurity consulting firm Hive Systems to fully optimize a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for businesses looking to build or enhance their organization’s cybersecurity programs. 

About the Partnership

Staying true to our core values of simplicity and unparalleled support, BARR’s partnership with Hive provides additional resources to help companies evaluate their cybersecurity strengths and opportunities. This partnership offers services that include cybersecurity strategy, security assessments, security awareness training, and more. This new partnership utilizes Hive Systems’ assessment expertise, allowing organizations to identify and understand their current cybersecurity vulnerabilities before an audit takes place, and more importantly, before a breach occurs.

“This partnership creates an extremely beneficial, end-to-end experience for our clients,” said Brad Thies, founder and president of BARR. “Our teams begin by working with the client to perform a gap assessment, resulting in a recommended audit framework from which we’d audit the client’s current cybersecurity efforts against international standards and criteria.”

The BARR-Hive partnership can help remediate and mitigate cybersecurity issues found in audits, risk and vulnerability assessments, or other types of security evaluations. But it doesn’t stop there. Through the BARR-Hive comprehensive approach, clients have an “on-call” consulting partner to assist with ongoing management and support of their cybersecurity program.

“We’ve teamed up to offer a true package deal that makes cybersecurity approachable and more straightforward—something both Hive Systems and BARR aim to do with all clients,” said Alex Nette, president and CEO of Hive Systems. “By taking advantage of this partnership, companies can rest assured there’s always a cybersecurity expert on hand to help.”

Overall, the goal of the partnership is simple: Provide a seamless approach to cybersecurity and compliance. 

Interested in learning more about how your company can take advantage of this partnership package? Contact us.

BARR-Hive On-demand Webinar: 

Cybersecurity Trends Shaping the Future for Cloud Service ProvidersCybersecurity Trends Shaping the Future for Cloud Service Providers

We all know technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. Services are being automated, businesses are migrating to the cloud, and company data is becoming the prime target of cybercriminals. What does all this mean for cloud service providers? 

Join Brad Thies, BARR Advisory founder and president, and Alex Nette, Hive Systems president and CEO, for a discussion on what cloud service providers can expect for the future of security in the cloud. Thies and Nette will share their take on emerging trends, threats, and what CSPs can do to protect their companies from cyber attacks, along with a look back at what urged them to launch their respective cybersecurity companies. View the on-demand webinar here.

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