BARR Continues to Expand its Team, Welcoming Seven Talented Associates

November 1, 2022 |

BARR Advisory has experienced significant growth over the past year. We’ve expanded many of our teams with talented individuals who are taking the cybersecurity industry by storm. 

We’re pleased to officially welcome seven associates to the Cyber Risk Advisory and Leadership teams—Bryan Hahn, senior consultant; Ashlyn Jones, senior consultant; Angie Korol, senior consultant; Eduardo Madero, associate consultant, Connor McGee, associate consultant; Sharon Means, integrator; and Teddy Vangalen, senior consultant. 

Learn more about our new teammates and what they’re saying about BARR and the cybersecurity industry. 

Bryan Hahn, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory  

Bryan is an avid runner who attributes his discipline to staying motivated. When going on an excursion, Bryan’s most always accompanied by his german shepherd/greyhound pup, Bailey, whose favorite things are squirrels and any frisbee/disc golf-shaped item. 

When asked what excites him about where the cybersecurity industry is heading, Bryan said, “Currently, the cybersecurity world is more reactive rather than proactive, meaning, a lot of us are responding to hacks, changes in procedures after a hack, etc., rather than taking a proactive approach to reduce threats. I’m excited to see a fundamental shift in preparedness for companies’ cybersecurity profiles, so we can stay one step ahead of the curve.”

Ashlyn Jones, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory  

One of Ashlyn’s greatest accomplishments is planning her wedding on her own. “I had a very specific vision. Not only did it go perfectly, I had many tell me it was the best/most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to.” It’s no surprise one of Ashlyn’s favorite quotes is ”The secret to getting ahead is getting started” by Mark Twain.

Ashlyn is passionate about social causes and enjoys connecting with the people in both her personal life and at work. “I love having deep conversations or small talk. I’ve found my teammates at BARR are incredibly genuine, and I am excited to see what changes BARR can bring to the culture of the industry!”

Angie Korol, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Angie traveled to the Utah Canyons for her honeymoon, which she believes is one of the most beautiful places she’s ever been. When not traveling, she and her husband enjoy staying up late to watch a variety of sports that are aired in different time zones.

Angie is excited about the future of technology, stating, “Technology is advancing every single day, and there’s always something new out there to learn. At BARR, we have the tools to make every engagement as efficient and easy as possible and an awesome team to help you complete it!”

Eduardo Madero, Associate Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Eduardo loves being active and was a part of the men’s swim team at the University of North Texas. Now, he enjoys an early morning workout, stating, “The gym motivates me to get out of bed and be productive for the rest of the day. The feeling of finishing a training session and knowing you’re improving from yesterday is satisfying.”

Eduardo believes clients should choose BARR for our unique approach to cybersecurity. “BARR truly lives up to the four core values, especially transparency. We’ve always been honest about our work, and I believe this builds valuable trust between us and our clients.”

Connor McGee, Associate Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory 

Connor is an avid bacon lover and enjoys vacationing in Cancun, Mexico where he can hang by the crystal blue waters and snorkel. The technology innovation that’s made the most impact on his life is the copy and paste, command F, and command all keyboard shortcuts. “Think smarter not harder,” said Connor. 

Connor added, “The field of cybersecurity itself is getting so big, and many industries need cybersecurity management now. At BARR, we have a very personal approach. Everyone here has something special about them that makes this company who we are.”

Sharon Means, Integrator, Leadership Team 

Sharon’s favorite outdoor activity is walking in the local parks in her neighborhood. When she comes home from an outing, she’s greeted first by her four cats, then her husband. 

Sharon attributes her organizational skills to her professional accomplishments and believes that “BARR has the best firm culture, and that really resonates with our clients as well. They can tell we live up to our core values.”

Teddy VanGalen, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Advisory  

Teddy loves a good carne asada taco followed by an after dinner walk. His nightly walks help him clear his mind, and he’s often accompanied by his four-year-old lab/hound rescue, Bella. 

When asked what advice he would give to someone interested in starting a career in cybersecurity, Teddy said, “Be a sponge. Soak in as much as you can, take risks, and dive into tasks or areas you are unfamiliar with. Learning by doing is a good way to broaden your overall knowledge of cybersecurity.” 

Teddy added, “At BARR, I think we’re heading in the absolute right direction, and I can’t wait to see where we are in five or even ten years.” 

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