BARR and MedStack’s Partnership Provides Innovative Solutions for Digital Healthcare Startups

November 4, 2022 |

With an average cost of over $10 million in data breaches, the healthcare industry is the most popular target for hackers today. In order to support organizations that handle sensitive healthcare information, BARR Advisory and MedStack have established an exciting partnership. Together, they share the goal of building trust in the processes and procedures digital healthcare startups use to protect their data.

While BARR serves as an expert compliance auditor for companies with high-value information in cloud environments, MedStack’s automation platform builds efficiencies into the security assessment process. 

BARR serves innovative companies in the most regulated industries. By going beyond the compliance checklist, BARR assesses all aspects of your organization’s unique environment, and simplifies the processes and controls needed to turn compliance into a strategic asset. 

MedStack built a comprehensive data privacy and secure compliance solution for the specific needs of cloud digital health startups building telemedicine and virtual care, patient engagement, remote patient monitoring, provider workflows, clinical trial apps, chronic condition management, and more. 

Through leveraging each other’s services, BARR and MedStack lead an efficient, streamlined security audit for digital healthcare startups. 

Partnership Benefits

The BARR-Medstack partnership delivers a strong proven compliance proposition that digital healthcare startups can benefit from at an exclusively low cost. When you use both BARR and Medstack, you save on resources, including:


“As our partner program continues to expand, we’re excited to work with BARR who can provide this incredible opportunity to our community. With BARR as a preferred partner, our goal is to make digital health innovations easier to build and commercialize, especially given the increasing need for third party-validated security and privacy certifications to drive trust and adoption across the ecosystem,” said Balaji Gopalan, co-founder and CEO of MedStack. 

Overall key benefits of the BARR-MedStack partnership include:

  • Reduced costs and time spent on security assessments and certification audits
  • Guaranteed privacy compliance expectations for the healthcare industry  
  • Simplified cybersecurity processes so you can focus on what you do best 

Streamlined Certifications

BARR and MedStack’s partnership makes certification easy. As a HITRUST Authorized External Assessor, BARR is able to conduct a validated assessment, which is the only assessment that produces a validated certification report through the HITRUST framework. BARR also provides certification to ISO standards such as ISO 27001:2022 and ISO 27701. Additionally, BARR offers reports under the SOC framework, including examinations for SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and SOC for cybersecurity. 

Alongside the certification process, MedStack’s platform decreases the time, effort, and resources required to build, deploy, maintain, and audit digital health apps while ensuring HIPAA-compliant database requirements are met. 

“MedStack’s platform will help scale our services, providing an automation partner for organizations who are looking to receive certification through the HITRUST framework,” said Vince Maduri, Head of Business Development at BARR. 

Balaji added, “In today’s world,  in which healthcare costs continue to rise to address growing need, it’s important to ensure customer and industry trust through security and compliance measures to foster adoption. While it may seem daunting to undergo a security audit or assessment, together, BARR and MedStack offer simple solutions that make it easy to work toward certification and assurance.” 

Beyond a Simple Referral 

As referral partners, BARR and MedStack work together to provide startups selling to healthcare organizations with optimal services. Organizations looking for compliance solutions against a healthcare framework benefit from our turnkey services. MedStack’s automation platform builds security from the outset prior to an assessment, which allows BARR to work alongside those same organizations to reach their data privacy goals.

Offering simple solutions to achieve healthcare compliance and privacy, the two help grow business. BARR gains efficiencies from MedStack and provides opportunities for organizations to scale up more quickly.

Maduri added, “Our partnership with MedStack will provide growth for the communities we serve. As our automation partner, BARR can feel confident in referring healthcare organizations to MedStack who optimize our efficiencies, allowing innovators to focus on the clinical aspect of their healthcare applications.”

Interested in learning more about how BARR and MedStack can provide your startup with simple and effective digital healthcare solutions? Contact an associate at BARR or MedStack today.

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