BARR Founder Participates in KC Tech Council’s “Access: Granted” Initiative

March 5, 2021 |

Throughout this week, KC Tech Council hosted a unique event for its members called “Access: Granted” to support the region’s tech industry. The initiative provides members with direct access to top business leaders like Brad Thies, founder and president of BARR Advisory, and aims to break down barriers and forge new partnerships.

This year’s event was hosted via Zoom, and consisted of 15-minute, one-on-one meetings. Members could select from a number of executive decision-makers to showcase their innovation and potential partnership ideas.

“Business is about community and relationships built,” said Thies. “Within traditional networking settings, it can sometimes be difficult to break the ice. These short, one-on-one conversations really kick-start mutually beneficial partnerships. I like how this event opens up doors for all.”

During his one-on-ones thus far, Thies discussed topics ranging from technology and cybersecurity trends to ideas about how to grow Kansas City tech businesses.

KC Tech Council encouraged participating members to stay away from small talk, given the 15-minute time limit, be prepared, and—most importantly—be ready to seek, listen, and apply feedback.

“Opportunities like ‘Access: Granted’ are important, especially today when it is more challenging to get out there and meet people,” said Thies. “It lifts you out of the day-to-day norm and helps you see what else is going on around the city.”

Learn more about this event here. And be sure to contact us to learn more about future opportunities to connect with Thies or other members of BARR’s leadership team.

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