3 Reasons to Choose BARR Advisory

July 1, 2019 |

So, you’re looking for a firm to help your organization reach compliance. Let’s talk about what makes BARR Advisory different, and why these reasons should be important to you.

1) The BARR Advisory team is highly accessible to you throughout the whole process.

BARR Advisory specializes in cybersecurity and compliance for SaaS companies using AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. We’re proud of our 100% client retention rate over the past five years. BARR is a boutique firm that offers the experience and expertise of a global consulting company. That means when you have a question, we answer it quickly. When you have a concern, we address it immediately. We explain what we’re doing and why, going beyond the compliance checklist to ensure a truly customized experience. 

2) Security and compliance for Cloud Service Providers is what we do — all day, every day.

We assess our client’s individual environments, identify their unique risks and potential areas for improvement, whether you’re a growing startup or large organization. You can expect to work with specialists who know how to simplify the process, getting you from point A to compliance quickly. As alumni of the “Big 4” accounting and prominent consulting companies, we perform hundreds of SOC examinations each year and participate in working groups that govern the cybersecurity landscape. This experience, paired with our industry partnerships, online tools and custom templates, enable us to overcome security and compliance challenges quickly — providing seamless, cost-effective solutions for you.

3) Our decisions are data- and experience-driven.

We don’t just make recommendations based on theories. We look back on the work we’ve done ourselves and offer solutions that add real value. We see your challenges as our own challenges, and tackle them head-on. Simply put, our highly-credentialed consultants become an extension of your team — a true strategic partnership.

In short, by working with BARR you can expect a simplified path to security and compliance. Our team will be accessible to you, support you throughout the process, and drive every project to the finish line — on time and on budget. Ready to partner? Contact us today!

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