Clients Give BARR Top Net Promoter® Score

March 12, 2020 |

BARR Advisory is proud to announce it achieved a Net Promoter Score of 9.65 for 2019. NPS is how BARR, and many companies, measure client satisfaction by surveying clients post-engagement to ask how likely they are to recommend the firm to a friend or colleague. It is based on a numeric scale of 0-10, with 10 being extremely likely.

“We’re relentless in our pursuit to add more value for our clients,” said Brad Thies, BARR founder and president. “NPS is one metric we use to measure whether we are living our core value of unparalleled support. A score of 9.65 is extremely impressive and a testament to the incredible service our team provides and the pride we take in our work.” 

The high score puts BARR in the category of “world class” and BARR clients in the category of “promoters” which, according to ClearlyRated, signifies they “are highly satisfied with your services and are loyal to your company.” Learn more about how the score is calculated here.

“To me, this is yet another BARR differentiator because while we are a boutique firm, we offer a large range of cybersecurity and auditing services and do so with extreme focus on client needs,” said Thies. “This score shows we’re not only meeting their needs, we’re exceeding them.”

Learn more about BARR as a company, our values, team, and beyond here.

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