10 Cybersecurity Resources: Here’s Who We Follow and You Should, Too

October 27, 2021 | Cybersecurity Consulting

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), we’ve asked BARR associates for their favorite go-to resources for all things information security. From entertaining insight to informative technical analysis, here are 10 must-follow resources to keep you updated on the latest threats and emerging trends.

Krebs On Security [Blog]
A former reporter for The Washington Post, Brian Krebs, is a well-known cybersecurity expert. In fact, any time we learn of a large-scale data breach, he is one of the first sources we visit. Krebs breaks down technical topics into easy-to-understand tidbits for audiences ranging from IT experts to everyday business professionals.
@Brian Krebs

CyberWire Daily [Podcast]
From large-scale ransomware attacks to zero-day vulnerabilities, The CyberWire Daily distills daily infosec headlines to be relevant and concise while also providing expert guest interviews and leading research. If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend listening to Episode 1414, featuring BARR Advisory President Brad Theis in a conversation on the future of cloud security.

The Cybersecurity 202 [Newsletter]
If recent headlines are anything to judge by, cybersecurity has a profound effect on the political climate. With new cybersecurity legislation passing regularly, keeping up with cybersecurity policy news is equally important as keeping up with technical analysis of cyberattacks and threats. The Washington Post’s daily cybersecurity newsletter reports on how the U.S. and international governments manage and respond to cyber threats.

DarkReading [Website]
One of the most widely-used news sources in the cybersecurity world, DarkReading covers news on a variety of technical topics, including the latest cyber threats, IoT, vulnerabilities, data breaches, endpoints, cloud security, and more. For cybersecurity news that’s informative and to-the-point, DarkReading is our go-to-source.

Security Now! with Steve Gibson [Podcast]
Security Now! is one of the longest running cybersecurity podcasts. Hosts Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte provide listeners with detailed technical analysis of different security headlines in the industry, often with a focus on personal and consumer security. These weekly podcast episodes are lengthy—with episodes often lasting two hours, listeners can expect in-depth discussions on security issues and solutions applicable to their own lives.

Data and Goliath by Bruce Schneier [Book]
Data is everywhere. We create it every time we go online, turn our phones on (or off), and pay with credit cards. The data is stored, studied, and bought and sold by corporations and governments for surveillance and for control. This book is a sobering reminder of the dangers and required vigilance consumers, businesses, and governments must consider when moving further into the digital world.

The Ponemon Institute [Research Library]
Some of the cybersecurity industry’s most relevant and groundbreaking research has been published by The Ponemon Institute, who conducts and publishes high quality research reports on critical issues related to IT, infrastructure, data privacy, and information security. They are well known for their annual report on the cost of a data breach. The Ponemon Library is an excellent resource for anyone in the cybersecurity industry who wants to learn more about the data behind the stats.

AWS Security [Blog]
The AWS Security Blog publishes daily posts with security news updates and technical instructions on how to implement security solutions within AWS. We particularly like this resource because it gives readers insight on how to use the tools within AWS to strengthen their security. We’ve discussed the importance of shared responsibility when it comes to cloud security, and this blog educates and empowers AWS users to keep their network secure.

National Cybersecurity Alliance [Website]
The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) focuses on empowering users of all ages and industries to practice online safety. Their suite of digital resources includes helpful information on how to manage your data privacy, in addition to fact sheets, videos, and infographics on cybersecurity and online safety. From the basics to more technical information, the NCSA is one of the best educational resources out there.

Center for Internet Security [Nonprofit]
The Center for Internet Security (CIS), creator of the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks, is known around the globe for providing the best practices and standards for cybersecurity. Their resources library includes a blog, whitepapers, case studies, and daily tips for securing your data. The CIS blog analyzes security headlines and continuously monitors ongoing threats, including a monthly post with the top malware that month.

From podcasts to research libraries, the number of great resources available means that learning more about cybersecurity is accessible to everyone—just find what you like.

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