cyBARR Chats, HITRUST Edition Episode 11: HITRUST MyCSF Enhancements, Part 2

By September 22, 2022Videos

In Part 2 of our two part series discussing enhancements to HITRUST MyCSF platform, Senior HITRUST Consultant Steve Ryan explains how these new enhancements might affect your organization and audit experience.


[00:00:00] Claire McKenna: Hello everyone and welcome to today’s cyBARR chat, HITRUST edition. In our last chat, we discussed some of the enhancements to the HITRUST, MyCSF tool, and we will continue that discussion today in part two of our series with a focus on three more of the enhancements that were part of the advisory released by HITRUST on July 12th.

So Steve let’s get started. Like I mentioned last episode, we discussed two of the five enhancements to new assessment workflows and status dashboards. So moving on to some of the other enhancements, can you tell us a little bit about the enhancements to web forms? 

[00:00:41] Steve Ryan: Absolutely. Claire, thank you for having me back.

So the new web forms give HITRUST assess entities and their external assessors. The ability to enter the organization and scope information directly into the, MyCSF. Electronically signed key documents and easily request draft report revisions. Prior to this process, this was very, very manual and it really resulted in the PDFs being sent back and forth via email or other means between HITRUST, the external assessors and the assess entities.

And this process really allows for much more efficiencies as everything now lives within one place within the. 

[00:01:17] Claire McKenna: Got it. That definitely sounds efficient. So what about the enhancements to tasks and notifications? 

[00:01:25] Steve Ryan: Absolutely. So the task in MyCSF give again in the HITRUST assess entities in their external assessors, the ability to track and respond to questions and follow up items from HITRUST during their assessment.

  1. Each task contains an action item for either the high assess entity or the external assessor resolving from that check-in or that QA to review any kind of QA question and upload additional documentation as needed. There. Again, this allows for much more efficiencies in the QA process as now, everything lives in one place you’re easy, easily able to respond to those tasks and close out remediation items relatively quickly.


[00:02:03] Claire McKenna: Got it. And the last one HITRUST report format changes. Can you talk a little bit about what this means? 

[00:02:11] Steve Ryan: Absolutely. So several changes have been introduced to the contents and that format of the CSF valued assessment reports. Um, and this is really in order to streamline the presentation of the information presented within the reports as well as more clearly present the assessment.

These changes don’t necessarily affect the organization, which means that no action is really needed from them, but instead it simply provides them with a much more cleaner and much more easier report. 

[00:02:38] Claire McKenna: Got it. So these will be automatically implemented on October 1st, 2022. So is there anything that organizations need to know if they are currently utilizing the legacy assessment workflow?

[00:02:53] Steve Ryan: Absolutely. So as we kind of alluded to in part one organizations should really be working with their external assessors right now to ensure that the external assessors are aware of these changes and to make sure they are prepared to upload documents to HITRUST in a slightly different order to ensure that there are no delays or headaches during that submission process, then.

[00:03:13] Claire McKenna: Got it. So my last question for you today, Steve, is there anything else you wanna mention about these, MyCSF enhancements? 

[00:03:19] Steve Ryan: Yeah, definitely. Just overall. I’m very excited about these new enhancements as they really already have streamlined a few of my clients’ projects and added some great efficiencies here.

I’m looking forward to what HRIS has in store for the next, for us next, as they continue to enhance both the external assessors and organizations going through the HITRUST process. 

[00:03:38] Claire McKenna: Awesome. That sounds like we have a lot of exciting things in store. So Steve, thank you again for more valuable insight on the enhancements to the HITRUST, MyCSF tool and to our audience.

Thank you for tuning in and we look forward to seeing everyone next time on sideBARR chats. 

[00:03:54] Steve Ryan: Thank you, Claire.