How CFOs Can Partner With CISOs to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Person sitting at computer with globe in foreground

As recent breaches suffered by Target and The Home Depot show, attacks are whole-company concerns. After an expansive breach, the company’s brand might burn, sales might tank, and loyal customers might leave — not to mention any fines or penalties the company might incur.

Preventing and mitigating such breaches is the CISO’s job. But a CISO’s stated responsibilities and real duties rarely align. Nearly 80 percent of the CISOs Deloitte interviewed said they spend significant time chasing buy-in from executives who view cybersecurity as a technical or compliance issue.

These attitudes can turn even strong enterprises into ticking time bombs. CFOs, in particular, need to realize that the CISO’s job isn’t to keep a particular financial figure in the black. It’s to prevent a catastrophe — and, if one occurs, to mitigate it — thereby keeping the entire company’s financial figures from running red.

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