From Fortune 500 corporations to family-owned small businesses, BARR clients span the globe and a wide range of industries. We are thorough, always accessible and relentless in our pursuit of your success. See example list of respected clients.

There is no stronger message about quality than one heard firsthand from our clients.

  • "Prior to Barr Advisory, we worked with one of the largest security audit firms in the nation for years and hated every second of it. Barr Advisory was a breath of fresh air because of their flexible, modern approach to security auditing. They helped us develop new procedures that are genuinely useful at a lower cost using a far smoother process. I would recommend Barr Advisory wholeheartedly!"

    Phil Reynolds - CEO and Founder

  • “It’s odd to say that it was a “pleasure” doing business with an auditor! However, that was definitely our experience with Brad Thies of Barr Advisory. Although Brad maintained that professional, arms-length relationship required of an auditor, at times his deep expertise and broad range of experience made his services truly add value to our organization. Barr Advisory had a detailed approach to documentation, review and assessment; as well a thorough understanding of all aspects of the various criteria, standards and controls that were the basis of our audit. The method and tools Barr Advisory used to conduct our readiness assessment and final audit insured that the entire process was clearly communicated, easy to understand, comprehensive in nature and completed in a timely, efficient manner. We at Fogo Data Centers can definitely give Barr Advisory our highest recommendation.”

    Edith Haney - EVP, General Counsel and Compliance Officer

  • "The work with Barr Advisory has proven to be an asset to our company and our clients; we are truly appreciative."

    Dolly Krishnaswamy - Global IP Strategist and Security, Alphaserve Technologies