Cybersecurity Whitepapers

Get BARR's latest insights on cybersecurity and compliance based on our research and expertise

A Simple Introduction to the 18 CIS Controls

Explore the 18 CIS Controls and how you can easily implement them into your cybersecurity program.

Who Needs a vCISO and Why?

Learn some of the benefits of a vCISO and if your company should consider hiring one.

How To Implement An Information Security Program In 9 Steps

Learn how to build an information security program that protects your company, your customers, and your data.

With the Cloud Comes Great Responsibility — and ROI

Are you a cloud service provider? Learn how to reduce risk and protect your customers’ valuable information.

Digital Meets Physical: Crypto ATMs and Best Practices for Operators

Learn five quick FAQs about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as well as best practices for crypto ATM operators from our experienced audit team.