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Security and Compliance. Simplified.

At BARR Advisory, we simplify security and compliance for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are migrating to the cloud or a seasoned cloud service provider, we have the perspective and expertise to help your company protect data, build trust, and become cyber resilient. Let BARR help you achieve your security and compliance goals through:

  • SOC Examinations
  • HITRUST Assessments
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • ISO 27001 Compliance
  • Government Assessments
  • PCI Compliance
  • Penetration Testing
  • CISO Advisory Services
  • People & Culture Advisory Services
Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​​If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our work, you don’t pay us. Yes, you read that right. We have 100% confidence in our people, processes, and expertise that your satisfaction is a guarantee.

Proud to Keep Our Clients Secure and Compliant at Every Stage

With nearly 100% client retention, BARR helps thriving SaaS providers to world-class enterprises stay secure and compliant at every stage of their growth. Here’s how:

We take a human-first approach.
Cybersecurity, at its core, is about humans feeling safe and protected. We will educate and empower your people using real talk (not jargon) to raise awareness, change behavior, and embed best practices into your company culture.
We drive value through our connections.
BARR uses its global network of providers to connect you with best-fit experts. And these go far beyond a simple referral. These partners are integrated into our own tools, processes, and services.
We have perspective.
We have the experience of the past and the expertise of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We understand the challenges our clients face every day— because we faced them when we sat on your side of the table.

BARR is not our auditor. They are our security partner.

Very professional, great to work with, and flexible with our somewhat unique, 100% cloud environment.

BARR was professional, talked “real talk” and provided a lot of guidance and education. They were very patient and helpful in guiding us through the process.

BARR’s competency, efficiency, and professionalism helped us expand our compliance objectives and improved our security posture.

We Serve SaaS Providers to Enterprises


Contact Us for a Free Consultation

We’re here to help you! Speak with a BARR specialist about your security and compliance needs.